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Elite Screens Releases Full Line of Golf Simulation Screens

Line includes portable, commercial, and DIY models.

Elite Screens has introduced its full line of golf simulation screens set to kick off the summer. From the GolfSim Portable Series to the GolfSim DIY Screen series, Elite Screens offers a solution for every need.

Elite Screens GolfSim portable golf simulation screen

The GolfSim Portable series is a complete golf enclosure screen with a lightweight folding-frame construction designed for mobile on-the-go multi-sport simulator applications. The included ImpactWhite 350 screen material can withstand ball speeds up to 150 mph, guaranteeing minimal bounce back. Frame padding is now included for extra protection and a more durable enclosure. The newly modified design ensures there are no obstructions behind the frame and allows the ImpactWhite 350 material to tolerate high-impact speeds. The 8- x 10-foot screen supports wide viewing angles and is synonymous with high industry standards for cinema quality presentations. This kit also comes with a travel-friendly carrying bag that stores the entire product for maximum portability.

The GolfSim Bay is Elite’s premier golf simulator enclosure, designed for high-end commercial and professional installations. This comprehensive set includes a high-quality impact screen, metal frame tube pipes, and enclosure cover panels. Featuring the triple-layer ImpactWhite 1145 material surface, it can withstand ball speeds of up to 200 mph while reducing noise generated by golf ball impact. Additionally, when not in use for golf, the GolfSim Bay doubles as a top-tier projection screen. Its ISF-certified material ensures accurate color reproduction for a clear and vibrant display, and the included black backing eliminates light loss and back reflection.

For DIY enthusiasts, the GolfSim DIY Screen series and Designer Cut ImpactWhite Series are the ideal golf simulator solutions. The GolfSim DIY Screen series are available in variable sizes from 10 x 8 feet to 10 x 13 feet, with material options including the ImpactWhite 1145 and ImpactWhite 360.

Both materials feature metal grommets around the entire surface, ensuring uniform tension for custom frame golf and sport simulation enclosures. Similar to the ImpactWhite 1145, the ImpactWhite 360 is also ISF certified. Additionally, the Designer Cut Series offers ImpactWhite 1145, ImpactWhite 360, and ImpactWhite A4K as pre-cut materials for custom DIY projects.

The Elite Screens GolfSim series with enclosure starts at an MSRP of $1715. The DIY and Designer Cut series start at an MSRP of $199. All golf simulation screens come with Elite Screens 2-Year/3-Year ENR-G Warranty for peace of mind on product longevity.

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