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RowOne Seating Announces 2023 Expansion Roadmap

Includes the launch of the Calveri recliner, a bi-monthly newsletter aimed at helping dealers enhance their profitability, and more sales reps.

RowOne Seating has revealed its 2023 expansion roadmap, which includes the introduction of the new Calveri power recliner with power headrest, the launch of a bi-monthly newsletter designed to help dealers increase their profitability, and the addition of more sales reps.

Calveri Power Recliner with Power Headrest

With its contemporary Italian design, low-profile technology, and fabric options, the Calveri is designed to help dealers win over family rooms, great rooms, bonus rooms, media rooms, and more. It is also the first style from RowOne to offer a swivel-base option (SKU) that, in conjunction with the low seatback, will appeal to 2-channel audio enthusiasts.

RowOne Calveri Seating

The Calveri incorporates two inventions and other innovative conveniences:

  • The PowerUpPort (patent pending) is a low-voltage port. Its first application is a wireless dimmable LED reading lamp that can be adjusted in a variety of ways. When not in use it can be tucked away in the storage drawer.
  • A Pull-N-Store drawer (patent pending) integrated into the front face of the chair arm stores magazines, tablets, remotes, and the new LED reading lamp. Operation is smooth and quiet.
  • Hidden Cupholders. New to RowOne is a sliding armrest pad design that conceals the cupholder, overcoming a barrier to placement in everyday living spaces.
  • A home button simultaneously returns the power headrest and footrest to their original positions. The Calveri incorporates OKIN recline mechanisms and motors.
  • Available fabrics include black leather/vinyl match, and new for RowOne are patterned polyester microfiber fabric options in light brown and dark grey. Later this year RowOne will offer both a new color option and second application for the PowerUpPort.
  • By early summer, RowOne will introduce two versions of a corner wedge SKU. This will allow homeowners to extend their row of Calveri seating in a second (or more) direction, common to family and great room layouts.

The Calveri ships from the company’s Tacoma, Wash., warehouse, reaching any dealer in the Continental U.S. within nine business days or less via LTL transportation, or the consumers residence within 20 business days or less via RowOne Last Mile furniture carrier delivery.

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Beginning this month RowOne launches its bi-monthly newsletter focused on helping authorized retailers capitalize on the growing segment and increase their profitability. Content will include how to market and sell home entertainment seating; updates on forecasts; industry events calendar where the company will be sponsoring and exhibiting; sneak peeks into future products; and more.

RowOne will also continue to support the CI/CE industry at large through exhibition at CEDIA Tech Summits, CEDIA Expo, and regional and national buying group events and line shows such as the AiN Group, AVB BrandSource, and the Nationwide Marketing Group.

New Rep Firms Onboard

RowOne has announced the recent appointments of Lucas Sales Group (TOLA); Access Reps (Northeast); CET & Associates (Rockies, So. Cal); Nova Marketing (Upper Midwest), and Sami Reps (Michigan).

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