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Stewart Filmscreen Releases New Luxus

Retractable screen now scales up to 209 inches with a 12-inch black drop.

Stewart Filmscreen Luxus

Stewart Filmscreen has released its new Luxus retractable screen system.

“We’ve taken Luxus to new heights for style, convenience, and affordability with several significant improvements,” says Mary Stewart, CEO and owner of Stewart Filmscreen. “Luxus now scales up to 209 inches in diagonal in 16:9 format with a 12-inch black drop — which means a truly big image for those seeking the ‘wow’ cinema experience. The new Luxus now has a slimmer case, and the controls and roller assembly can easily be accessed from the front of the screen.”

Stewart Filmscreen Luxus Mounting Bracket

The new Luxus mounting bracket now allows the screen case to slide horizontally for proper centering, which makes installation on the wall or the ceiling a perfect fit no matter what. “With this customer-centric approach we’ve taken with Luxus, including the new Intelligent Motor Control (IMC) with 12V trigger that supports all major third-party remote control systems, we are confident that the market will love the new Luxus as much as we do,” Stewart adds.

The Luxus is immediately available for dealer orders. Learn more  here.

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