Elite VMAX Dual Screen Offers Alternating HDTV and Widescreen Projection

Alternating Materials Give Users Either 16:9 or 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
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Elite Screens Inc. has launched its VMAX Dual Series, an electric projection screen that contains a pair of alternating materials with either a 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio that ships as a fully assembled, plug-and-play product. 

The VMAX Dual is also equipped with a full installation package, including "L" brackets as well as a radio frequency remote control. A simple click of the button allows users to use whichever aspect ratio they need, while a wireless 12-volt trigger allows users to coordinate their screens' rise and drop with the projector’s power cycle.

“Most TV content is aired in HDTV or a 16:9 aspect ratio, while most blockbuster movies are in widescreen,” said Dave Rodgers, marketing manager at Elite Screens. “Projectors typically present in both formats, so why not have a projection screen that can keep up with that? This problem is easily solved by using the VMAX Dual anamorphic projection screen that will fit the full complement of projectors on the market today.”

The VMAX Dual provides an alternating HDTV and Widescreen projection surface to match a projector’s format in either mode. It has lens memory alignment to make sure screen and image are in perfect synch regardless of the mode. It has a heavy-duty black metal casing that is suitable for either a wall or ceiling installations. Mounting brackets are included to ensure a secure installation. 

The VMAX Dual utilizes two independently functioning projection screens, one HDTV and the other in widescreen format, and comes with a standard MaxWhite 1.1 Gain material. There is a “tensioned” option, as well, in the VMAX Tension Dual that uses Elite’s 1.1 gain CineWhite Tab-Tensioned material. Both options provide a wide viewing angle giving the audience equal brightness no matter where they are seated. The material is also black backed to eliminate light penetration for greater brightness, and has a black matte on the sides with extended top and bottom masking to enhance visual appeal and perceived contrast of the projected image.

Elite Screens’ VMAX Dual Projection Screen is available now at a starting price of $859 (USD) and will now be available in a range of sizes in either a standard or tab-tensioned format through the retail sales channel.