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VOIZ to Debut Smart Radio at CES 2019

AiRadio the second product to come from the collaboration between innovator Hiro Ogura and former Harman executive Mark Friedman.

VOIZ, a New York-based tech startup co-founded in 2018 by product innovator Hiro Ogura and former Onkyo and Harman executive Mark Friedman, will introduce VOIZ AiRadio, a smart radio, at CES 2019 (Booth #51313, Sands Hall G).

According to Ogura, AiRadio with Alexa built-in is the first product of its kind, a voice-controlled smart radio that combines premium components, precise engineering, and classic luxury styling that also delivers a seamless high-fidelity streaming audio experience.

According to Friedman, VOIZ will showcase three AiRadio models at CES 2019, each featuring bamboo cabinet exteriors, removable cloth grills, high-performance 3-inch speakers with oversized neodymium magnets, a high-performance omnidirectional microphone, a custom-tuned Digital Signal Processor (DSP), a powerful Class-D digital amplifier, and built-in Alexa voice control.

The vertically oriented AiRadio Poco (VR-60) and horizontally-oriented AiRadio Uno (VR-70) are single-speaker mono units that offer an output for an optional second AiRadio speaker (VR-62 and VR-72, respectively) to deliver enhanced stereo sound. The AiRadio Duo (VR-80) doubles the power and performance with two 3-inch speakers and a 2-channel amplifier.

Through the Amazon Alexa interface, users can ask their AiRadio to play their favorite radio station, artist, song, genre or mood, and can also search their favorite streaming services by lyrics and album or song release date. All AiRadios offer an alarm function that can access any available streaming audio source, plus real-time voice-controlled favorites such as weather reports, recipes, news updates, home control, and more.

AiRadio is the second product line to be launched by VOIZ, LLC, following the 2018 market introduction of the VOIZ Dot Pair that instantly turns any outlet into a station for the Amazon Echo Dot 2.

For more information, visit, or contact Mark Friedman at [email protected] to schedule a meeting with the VOIZ team during CES.