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What to See at CES.

Crestron has upgraded its Cameo family of keypads with options including wired and infiNET EX wireless connectivity, new button configurations, an array of color choices and a new Cameo Express line of affordable keypads.

Crestron has upgraded its Cameo family of keypads with options including wired and infiNET EX wireless connectivity, new button configurations, an array of color choices and a new Cameo Express line of affordable keypads. A split-button design provides an option for two additional buttons per keypad, enabling custom control configurations of up to eight buttons. Built-in Versiport control ports enable local connection for a range of devices including Crestron GLS Occupancy Sensors and Photocells, contact closure devices, and other devices.

Cineversum’s new BlackWing MK2011 Series digital video projectors integrate three LCoS panels at a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, HDMI 1.4 connections, and active 3D projection. The BlackWing One, Two and Three MK2011 replace the previous BlackWing MK2010 models, improving 2D performance and picture quality and adding 3D functionality, according to the company. According to U.S. distributor StJohn Group, the most compelling reason to own a new BlackWing MK2011 is its ability to reconcile both 2D and 3D performance. Fast-response liquid crystal lenses create the best image quality without ghosting, according to StJohn, and provide higher brightness, natural colors, and durability.

Gefen’s GefenPRO ELR Extender for HDMI with PoL offers a long-range, multisignal method of extension up to 330-feet (100m) over one Cat-5 cable. Gefen PoL technology, which is based on the powerover- ethernet standard, enables the delivery of power to the receiver unit. Power is provided to the receiver using the AC power connected at the sender unit, and each receiver unit is also equipped with an additional 5v output to power a supplemental product, such as a scaler, switcher, or splitter at the display location. By reducing the cabling requirements from two to one, the GefenPRO ELR Extender allows installers to tap into existing in-wall Cat-5 cabling.

Savant Systems has introduced a new family of Apple-based control and audiovideo distribution products called SmartSystems, replacing its existing Rosie and Protege control offerings. Each Savant SmartSystem solution includes an iTunes-based digital media server when paired with an external host. According to the company its new family of products includes SmartControl, SmartAudio, SmartMedia, and SmartMediaPro. The new SmartControl SSC-0007 and SSC-0025 are control-only devices that have been engineered to include a blend of the most popular control formats. Both solutions are designed to connect with audio/video, lighting, climate, and security.

Onkyo’s TX-8050 network stereo receiver is designed to connect a wide range of modern and vintage music sources to one of the company’s power amplifier sections. A front-panel USB port allows direct digital connection for iPod/iPhone and other USB devices. An ethernet jack provides streaming internet radio or audio from computer or network sources. Onkyo’s proprietary Universal Port provides for Onkyo-branded peripheral iPod/iPhone docks, HD radio tuner, and future wireless options. The receiver also supports classic audio sources. It is FTC rated at 80 watts per channel with no more that 0.08 percent total harmonic distortion, allowing it to drive typical six-ohm speakers to 100 watts.

Lutron Electronics has released a free Android application for its HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2 systems that allows users to view and adjust light and shade levels throughout the home, control system keypads, manage multiple HomeWorks QS and RadioRA 2 systems in the same application, and preview the application in demo mode prior to connecting to an actual system. The Lutron Home Control application works on phones with Android version 1.6 and higher and with programming software version 1.1.5 or higher of HomeWorks QS and 3.1.5 or higher of RadioRA2. Programming software is available to qualified Lutron installers and is required for initial setup of this application.

Arlington has released its new CE1RP heavy duty mounting with a 3.5-inch hole saw. The slotted cover holds bundles of low-voltage cable, accommodating large HDMI connectors, according to the company. Mounting wing screws pull the bracket securely against the wall when tightened.

Honeywell’s 5800RPS Wireless Recessed Transmitter has been designed at only a quarter-inch deep and one-inch long, to make it more easily concealed after installation. Installation also does not require any wire runs, only a drill and quarter-inch wood or Forstner bits. The 5800RPS has up to a seven-year battery life depending upon use, and is compatible with Honeywell’s VISTA and LYNX control panels and all 5800 Series wireless receivers and transmitters.

Krell Industries has added 3D upgrades to their current family of surround processors. These upgrades are available for original non-3D capable Evolution 707, S-1200, and S-1200u customers. The upgrade price is $1,500 US, the retail difference between the original and 3D capable models, and requires the unit to be returned to Krell. All Evolution 707 and S-1200 models purchased after January, 1, 2011 are eligible for a free upgrade less freight costs. Going forward, non-3D capable versions will still be available at current pricing.

IOGEAR has released a new USB to HD Adapter (GUC2025H) designed to connect additional HD displays to a desktop or laptop computer using a USB 2.0 cable. Utilizing the increased bandwidth of HDMI and DisplayLink technology, IOGEAR is now able to provide both audio and video support. With a USB to HD Adapter in place, laptop users will be able to have up to three displays showing content; the laptop screen, a second display via the built-in VGA port and a third from the USB port courtesy of IOGEAR’s new adapter. The GUC2025H provides a hard-wired streaming solution of any standard or HD content from the PC to the TV with only a single HDMI cable connection. YouTube, Hulu and other computer content can be streamed to the TV interference-free with ease. The USB to HD adapter supports resolutions up to 1600×1200/1920×1080 and 32-bit color.