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Wisdom Audio Adds System Controllers, In-Ceilings

At CEDIA 2017 last week, Wisdom Audio featured a full line-up of audio solutions designed for high-resolution and maximum performance.

At CEDIA 2017 last week, Wisdom Audio featured a full line-up of audio solutions designed for high-resolution and maximum performance. The company introduced its second-generation SC-2 and SC-3 system controllers and Sage Series ICS7a in-ceiling loudspeaker system alongside Sage Series Superbars and interconnect cable kits.

“Our latest products reflect our mission to continually push the audio innovation envelope to achieve the highest performance and clarity in sound,” said Luc Guillaume, managing director, Wisdom Audio. “This also means supporting our dealers with core solutions, such as our new system controllers, that ensure flawless installations no matter the application.”

Wisdom Audio System Controller SC-2

Debuting at the show, Wisdom Audio’s second-generation SC-2 8-channel in to 16-channel out and SC-3 16-channel in to 32-channel out system controllers provide installers with the ultimate audio calibration suite to easily solve room acoustic problems that can impede a pristine listening experience. Now featuring Dirac Live, a platform for optimized sound enhancement technology, the controllers are designed to deliver perfect sound in any listening room by removing resonances and acoustic problems in sound reproduction. Expert Mode provides installers with an additional layer of live tuning features, equalization tools, and ability to override delays and trim EQ to optimize system performance in the most difficult acoustic scenarios. With four preset slots to store up to four complete and independent calibrations, installers have plenty of room to perform multiple room correction setups for up to 16 zones or rooms.

Wisdom Audio’s Sage Series ICS7a in-ceiling loudspeaker system also made its North American debut at the show. Designed to blend into the environment, the system provides high-resolution stereo audio in a living space, a multichannel solution in a media room or overhead channels in an immersive home theater. Featuring a redesign of Wisdom’s Sage P20 driver, the speaker introduces a breakthrough in Wisdom Audio’s planar magnetic driver (PMD) power shading capabilities, delivering a fully passive Sage Series point-source product that’s capable of achieving high output down to 57 Hz. To ensure maximum clarity, the angled PMD design allows the on-axis energy to be focused straight at the listening area. The ICS7a includes an optional Extended Coverage Waveguide that is designed to enhance its polar pattern and allow for greater placement options.

As a result, the system is effective in installations requiring surround and overhead channels. An optional laser alignment tool (LAT-IC) — sold separately from the system — assists installers in achieving ultra-precise driver orientation, improving focus and delivering incredible imaging. The system does not require active crossover or bi-amplification, allowing dealers worldwide to offer Sage Series performance at a lower price point.

Wisdom Audio System Controller SC-3
Also exhibited at the show were Wisdom Audio’s Sage Series Superbars, which are available in custom lengths of up to 98 inches and in standard black or a color customized to fit the environment and décor. The new Superbars include four models: C20m x2, C38m x2, C20m x3, and C38m x1. The C20m x2 4-ohm Superbar produces a stereo playback configuration with a 40-Hz – 20-kHz +/- 2-dB frequency response and 90-dB sensitivity. The 3-ohm C38m x2 extends the response down to 35 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 2 dB and achieves 93 dB. The C20m x3 and C20m x2 and C38m x1 are 4-ohm models that provide LCR playback with a frequency response of 35 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 2 dB and a peak sensitivity of 92 dB and 93 dB, respectively. Like other members of the series, each Superbar model features a planar magnetic hybrid design that yields superior detail, outstanding dynamic range, and controlled directivity for a more consistent and realistic level of performance.

The new Wisdom Audio standard and custom interconnect cable kits were showcased as part of the company’s high-end audio product lineup. Each kit features oxygen-free, high-conductivity copper conductors and the highest grade of foam polypropylene insulation for high-speed transmission and resistance from cracking and wear. The cables’ advanced Star-Quad design offers maximum protection against electrostatic interference. Each wire is numbered for ease and efficiency of installation. The Wisdom Audio WWK-BB kit includes 10 balanced XLR female to XLR male numbered 1.0-meter cables; 17 balanced XLR female to XLR male numbered 1.5-meter cables; six 1/8-inch mini DC trigger cables; and two balanced XLR Y-adapter female to dual male XLR. Also available is the WWK-CUSTOM kit, which can be customized to any length and/or termination to fit any application.