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WyreStorm Releases Enado Software Upgrade and Enado Mini Control

WyreStorm has released the new OS 4.0 software update for its Enado Control Solution line.

WyreStorm has released the new OS 4.0 software update for its Enado Control Solution line, including the newly launched Enado Mini at CEDIA 2015, in a development that further refines the Enado interface and programming experience for dealers. The latest Enado OS upgrade includes BYOD QR codes, the ability to launch iOS and Android apps from the UI, PermaLinks for secure remote access, and more.

“As our biggest software release yet, the amazing new features in OS 4.0 make this not only the best Enado update yet, but place Enado as one of the most user-friendly control solutions out there,” said James Meredith, WyreStorm’s Enado and NetworkHD product manager. “The addition of features such as BYOD QR code support, for example, is such a big deal for dealers. It enables their clients to configure their own control devices, be it a replacement for a lost Galaxy S5 or a brand-new iPhone 6S. It’s so easily done that the dealer doesn’t need to go to the site in order to set it up — a customer can do it themselves in seconds.”

Launching apps from the Enado UI allows the dealer to trigger a macro and launch an app at the press of a button, such as to switch on the power amp before going to Sonos or turn all the lights on before launching Lutron. PermaLinks make Enado’s secure remote access even easier to configure and maintain, Meredith said. “This greatly eases configuration for the installer and the ability to launch apps like Sonos, Nest and Lutron within Enado dramatically improves the end user’s experience.”

The Enado UI now requires fewer button presses and pop-ups, improved navigation through Room and Activity buttons, and a clipboard to copy-and-paste macros between buttons. Hundreds of tweaks further speed up and simplify the programming experience.

The Enado Mini IP solution offers all the power and functionality of Enado, at a fraction of the size and cost. This solves a multitude of problems for the dealer while providing a clean, simple, and intuitive AV control interface for the user. With a minimalist design requiring only the bare essentials of cable connection for true plug-and-play installation, IR, RS-232 and CC connections can be added via Global Cache devices that integrate seamlessly through the customizable web-based configuration UI.

Enado Mini’s web server-based design allows for easy setup, operation, maintenance, and management of the system. This eliminates the need for apps, drivers, and control device configuration with free and instant system updates that ensures a control solution that’s always up to date. Like the 1U Enado Controller, Enado Mini is multi-platform and compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and PC, and is highly scalable to support the control of any AV component over the network.