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Wyrestorm Reveals HDBaseT D Class Amplifier

Wyrestorm, a global manufacturer of HD distribution products, has introduced its AMP-001-010 HDBaseT (HDBT) D Class Digital Audio Amplifier.

Wyrestorm, a global manufacturer of HD distribution products, has introduced its AMP-001-010 HDBaseT (HDBT) D Class Digital Audio Amplifier.

The feature-rich amplifier combines the benefits of HDMI, HDBT, and local amplification, with unique engineering and integration features to provide custom systems designers with the ultimate in performance and installation flexibility for home and commercial applications.

The patent pending design of the AMP-001-010 makes it equally compelling as a simple-to-install value-added extender solution for single-source/single-display systems, or as a building block for larger extended systems of more than 50 displays when combined with Wyrestorm’s Pro Plus multiple output Matrix devices.

“Our new AMP is the world’s first all-in-one HDBaseT and digital amplification solution to offer integrators the utmost in flexibility for any and all distributed AV installations,” said CEO Derek Hulbert. “Only Wyrestorm’s AMP-001-010 successfully combines, simplifies, and improves the relationship between HDMI and HDBT and stereo audio. This engineering feat allows our AMP to deliver uncompromised fidelity, control and configuration choices that enable it to be equally as adept when used as a single device in a small custom residential project or a system component within the largest commercial jobs.”

The AMP-001-010 digital amplifier was engineered with custom systems integrators in mind. It can extract stereo audio direct from the digital audio within the HDBT signal and amplify it locally, removing the need to mix digital and analogue audio formats, add needless multi-room amplifiers, and eliminating any costs associated with various breakout boxes, converters and power supplies.

A single Cat5e/6 cable is all that is needed between the source and amplifier, where the integrator can connect localized speakers for pure Hi Fi sound and with a HDMI output for the display, with full control of the Amp and source via IR or RS232. This single cabling topology builds on Wyrestorm’s traditional methods for HD video distribution, but with the added ability to provide amplified stereo audio without additional cables.

For basic, single-source installations, full HD audio/video and control can be routed to the AMP-001-010 from a cable box, Blu-ray player, media server, etc., by way of a simple HDBT transmitter (TX-70-PP), and out to the display via the amplifier’s built-in HDMI output. Connect stereo speakers and a subwoofer directly to the device, and you have a complete entertainment system, with fully integrated IR or RS-232 control, without the need for additional devices. Furthermore, the ARC (Audio Return Channel) capabilities of the AMP-001-010 give you full access to audio from the integrated smart TV features of the display, including YouTube and other streaming audio/video services. You can also add audio from an additional source, like a personal media player or smartphone, via the AMP-001-010’s 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack.

Tap into the AMP-001-010’s HDBaseT-Lite output capabilities, and installers can connect additional amplifiers at 70-meter intervals, enabling them to connect more speakers and displays, with each screen having access to the centralized AV input, as well as Audio Return Channel and local auxiliary audio inputs (providing local audio overlay), plus each amplifier’s local 2.1-channel audio outputs. With nothing more than a single Cat5e/6 cable connecting each link in the chain, custom system integrators can easily design and install a large distributed HDMI audio/video system with local overlaid audio at each location.

Up to seven AMP-001-010’s can be added to one network to cover areas over 1500 feet and achieve full HD video, fully amplified 2.1-channel audio and IR/RS-232 control, for the utmost in installation flexibility. 

The AMP-001-010 can be added to multiple outputs of Wyrestorm’s extensive line of HDBT matrix switchers, allowing full switching and distribution of multiple sources on up to 56 displays, with basic collective control via infrared, or with individual control of each AMP-001-010 individually via an RS-232 signal over the same Cat5e/6 cable carrying the HD audio/video signal. And if the integrated 25W per channel stereo output isn’t sufficient for any particular zone, the AMP-001-010 can be connected to a larger amplifier, while still maintaining ARC, repeating, receiving, and audio switching capabilities, as well as auto-sensing power on/off and circuit protection.

With its compact 202mm x 178mm x 31mm design, the cool running AMP-001-010 also allows for increased flexibility in physical installation, the company says. It can be easily mounted near the display, secreted away in a ceiling void with in-ceiling speakers, wall mounted next to a data plate, or installed in a centralized rack with the matrix switcher and routed to each zone with conventional speaker cable and one Cat5e/6 cable.

As with all Wyrestorm products, the AMP-001-010 was designed and engineered for total compatibility across the entire Wyrestorm product range. The new digital amplifier is fully compatible with Wyrestorm’s EX-1UTP-IR-70/100 extenders, as well as its full line of HDBaseT matrices, and comes with a 3 year warranty.

The AMP-001-010 will be available at the end of Q1 of 2013 for $795.00 MSRP.