WyreStorm to Showcase 4K Switcher/Scaler with 1080p Video Processing at CEDIA

4x2, Picture-in-Picture Multi-View 4K Scaler or Seamless 4x2 Matrix Switcher and Upscaler is for Analog and/or Digital AV Sources
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WyreStorm, a global manufacturer specializing in signal distribution and control solutions will give CEDIA 2015 attendees a chance to realize their man-cave aspirations at booth 2019 with the SW-0402-MV-HDMI, a four-input (12 Source), dual-output, picture-in-picture (PiP) multi-view 4K scaler or seamless four-by-two matrix switcher and upscaler for analog and/or digital AV sources.

Enabling analog and/or digital AV sources to be displayed and switched simultaneously in any variation of full–screen, dual-view, tri-view, or quad-view mode on up to two HD or UHD 4K screens, the SW-0402-MV-HDMI allows up to four HD inputs to be switched, scaled, and arranged in any size or configuration, and presented in full resolution simultaneously on a single HD 1080p or UHD 4K 2160p display.

Input source connectivity includes HDMI, VGA, or YUV, with additional stereo mini and RCA LR audio options for embedding the video with an external audio source, and two independent HDMI outputs with additional S/PDIF audio.

UHD 4K and HD Multi-View Video Processor modes enable any or all four HD/SD analog and digital sources to be scaled, rendered, and arranged in any size or order on either connected HD 1080p or UHD 2160p display. Users can select PiP mode in any configuration or quad-view, with all four sources displayed in a two-by-two grid formation, with sources able to be selected, resized, and moved anywhere within the screen in real-time while determining which incoming audio signal should be routed to the two S/PDIF audio outputs.

The SW-0402-MV-HDMI is also highly cascadable, with multiple units able to be combined and control signals daisy chained to help create large, easy-to-control seamless switching or multi-view system environments of almost any size, such as multi-view of eight-by-four for 32 individual windows (video channels) to be displayed on a single video wall.

In four-by-two Matrix Mode, HD/SD content from analog and digital inputs can be upscaled and fed to each independent display zones, with WyreStorm QuickSync technology allowing sources to be seamlessly switched between either connected HDMI output without delay/image freeze/blank screen.

Designed for applications requiring up to four sources to be displayed at the same time on one or two screens, the SW-0402-MV-HDMI is tailor-made for implementation into diverse professional applications such as digital signage, teleconferencing, transport, or security control rooms and checkpoints, and public service messaging at airports, stations, hospitals, government buildings, and anywhere fast switching and display of multiple content on single screens is required.