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Zigen HXL Series Certified by Dolby Vision

Zigen becomes first manufacture to have video matrix products certified by Dolby Vision.

Zigen has announced that they have become the first connectivity company to produce video matrix products that are officially certified by Dolby Vision. With a Zigen HXL series matrices in the video pipeline, integrators will be able to take advantage of the latest HDR technology with Dolby Vision leading the way to produce greater nuance and realistic detail in the home theater experience.

“Videos encoded with Dolby Vision produce amazing range of colors and contrast never before seen on home theater displays,” says Ed Dellalyan, president and founder of Zigen. “What the viewer sees at home on their legacy television may not be an accurate color rendition of the original source material. Dolby Vision addresses this issue by allowing content creators to color‐grade their content using Dolby Vision reference monitors.”

Zigen goes through the certification process to ensure products are not hindering the viewer experience. Dolby Vison must be captured in 12‐bit and delivered uncompressed to a Dolby Vision enabled display. This ensures to Zigen dealers and integrators that Zigen products will not be the bottleneck in the chain.

In other Zigen news, the company has hired Vanessa Zitzmann as sales and marketing manager.

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