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AKG by HARMAN Introduces the Ara Two-Pattern USB Microphone

Condenser mic captures 24-bit/96 kHz audio and is designed for podcasters, YouTubers, music makers, and gamers.

AKG ARA - Lifestyle - Host

HARMAN Professional Solutions has introduced the AKG Ara, a two-pattern USB condenser microphone. Ara lets content creators and musicians capture studio-quality, 24-bit, 96 kHz audio for superior speech clarity and stunning vocal and instrument tracks. Two pickup patterns focus on a single source or everyone in the room. The directional Front (cardioid) pattern captures sound directly in front of the mic while rejecting sound from other sides, making it perfect for podcast hosts, bloggers, gamers, videoconferencing, and for recording voice and instruments. The Front + Back (omni) pattern picks up sound evenly from all sides, making it ideal for recording interviews with multiple speakers.

AKG Ara Microphone

“What’s really great about Ara is that it can accomplish so many goals for a variety of users. It’s perfect for elevating interviews and video blogs with its crystal-clear sonic quality and sleek looks,” says Chris Hansen, director of recording and broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “But it’s also great for gamers who really get to step up their in-game vocal delivery with a mic that sounds phenomenal. And Ara’s selectable patterns and the ability to handle up to 120 dB max SPL give musicians plenty of headroom to record everyone in the band. The best part is that Ara is plug-and-play simple, thanks to USB connectivity and class-compliant drivers.”

Ara’s essential functions, including pattern selection, mic mute, and a headphone volume knob, are located on the front of the mic for easy access; a 3.5mm headphone jack allows latency-free monitoring.

Ara’s compact footprint and versatile mounting options make it ideal for both desktop use and studio scenarios. Set Ara on a desktop using the included yoke and base stand or attach to a boom or standard mic stand; record on the go with a mobile device and optional adapter.

Included accessories include a 2m USB-C to USB-A cable, a 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch threaded mic stand adapter, and a free registration card for Ableton Live 11 Lite recording software. Ara works with all major live-streaming, video conferencing, and music-recording applications.

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