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Sony Problem Solvers Plug Market Gaps for Integrators

Sony is introducing three new problem-solving products to the market: the BRAVIA XR-100X92 100-inch and FW-32BZ30J 32-inch TVs for applications big and small, and the HT-A7000 flagship Dolby Atmos Soundbar.

The Sony name has long been synonymous with innovation: pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the highest-quality technology. But what makes the company truly great is its excellence in functional innovation: developing top-notch audio and video products that address untapped market demands—and make custom integrators’ work simpler in the process.

Sony has been hard at work at the latter, introducing three new problem-solving products to the market: the BRAVIA XR-100X92 100-inch and FW-32BZ30J 32-inch TVs for applications big and small, and the HT-A7000 flagship Dolby Atmos Soundbar.


No Job Too Small

As the average flat-panel TV size continues to increase, there have been fewer and fewer high-quality options available for smaller screen sizes—with 4K resolution. That’s where the BRAVIA 32BZ30J 32-inch TV comes in. “When I talk to dealers, they want a small size screen for kitchen, bathroom and home office applications; for casual viewing” said Carlos Giraldo, regional custom install sales specialist at Sony Electronics. “Picture quality, Access to streaming apps, and 4K native resolution are the most important features for these spaces in the home.”

Delivering on this demand, the $800 MSRP 32BZ30J combines a bright panel with Sony’s 4K HDR Processor X1 to create a high-quality solution for flexible applications. With a 300-nits typical brightness and 260,000:1 contrast, the panel is bright enough for well-lit rooms, and TRILUMINOS PRO technology provides a wider color gamut for natural images. A pro-quality display, the 32BZ30J also features Sony’s 4K X-Reality PRO upscaling for a detailed picture, great for the closer viewing distances these TVs will likely be subjected to.

Another key factor is its Android operating system, according to Giraldo. “Dealers want to have the same interface across all of the TVs in the home,” he said.

This new 32-inch monitor from Sony utilizes the same app platform as the rest of Sony’s TV lineup.”


The Big Picture

Another difficulty with the ever-increasing size of TVs is that it now takes a really big panel to make a statement. “In the residential integration market, 65-inch screens are becoming the starting size for key viewing areas in the home,” Giraldo said. Previously, if you wanted something larger than 85 inches, you had to move to a front projector setup or pay handsomely for an ultra large panel. “Sony made a 100-inch panel more accessible to the premium consumer this year by introducing a 100-inch TV into our mainstream lineup. The XR-100X92 incorporates Sony’s key picture quality features including full-array local dimming, and our latest XR processor for optimum quality at a 100” screen size.” The XR-100X92 has an MSRP of $19,999.99. “It’s enabling Sony Authorized integrators to create home theater-like big screen experiences regardless of ambient light conditions.”

More than just a big screen, the XR-100X92 features Sony’s new Cognitive Processor XR, a processing method designed to replicate the ways humans see and hear. Cognitive Processor XR, powered by cognitive intelligence, divides the screen into numerous zones to detect the focal point of the picture, and simultaneously analyzes and adjusts elements like color, contrast, and detail to optimize the image. Cognitive Processor XR also up-converts the audio signal to 3D surround sound and analyzes the sound position in the signal to deliver a matching output for a more immersive experience.


Sound, Simplified

To take the audio up a step further, Sony recently debuted the HT-A7000 7.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos Soundbar, a problem solver for situations where a dedicated receiver with wire runs and in-ceiling speaker installation isn’t practical. “Sometimes that’s not an option,” Giraldo said. “So, you want a good quality soundbar that has Atmos.”


The HT-A7000 delivers on that goal, with subwoofer and surround sound channels built in. Priced at an accessible $1,299.99 MSRP, the 500-watt bar features 11 discrete drivers: two subwoofers and a center channel, two drivers each for the left and right channels, two beam tweeters that bounce sound off the side walls for a wide surround stage, and two upward-firing drivers that reflect sound off the ceiling for three-dimensional immersion compatible with both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.  Giraldo said. “You get the experience of Dolby Atmos surround sound, with the ease of installation that Sony soundbars are known for.”

The HT-A7000 features Sound Field Optimization, a microphone-based auto-calibration. “When you calibrate, it actually measures the room by generating and listening for how test tones are reflected in the space,” Giraldo said. This also helps with optimizing the output of the optional add-on SA-SW3 or SA-SW5 subwoofer and SA-RS3S rear speakers.

Finally, the HT-A7000 ties in neatly with whole-home installations. “Our soundbars are designed for integration with advanced control features,” Giraldo said. “We include IP and IR control in the soundbar, the same protocol that we use on our ES AV receivers. That’s a key advantage of specifying Sony.”