Just Add Power Adds Video Tiling Capability

June 29, 2015
Just Add Power debuted its 2G+4+ Tiling Transmitter with Image Play at InfoComm 2015. The new Tiling Transmitter gives integrators the ability to display multiple video feeds on a single screen.

The 2G+4+ Tiling Transmitter is a 1U rack-mountable video tiling processor that enables commercial integrators to deliver four HDMI sources to a single screen in a variety of viewing modes over a Gigabit managed network. This expansion of the More Play Solution joins the existing Just Add Power feature set, including Video Wall App, Image Push, Image Pull, and Image Pause.

This 2G+4+ four-input video tiling processor works with the entire family of 2G/2G+/2G+AVPro devices and can be mixed and matched in the same network as earlier 2G/2G+/2G+AVPro transmitters and receivers. This backwards compatibility allows installers to add it to existing 2G and 2G+ installs with minimum down time for the site.

One 2G+4+ Tiling Transmitter allows viewers to watch up to four HDMI sources at the same time on a single display in a variety of viewing modes, including quad view, picture in a picture, and picture on a picture. Viewers can also stack up to five 2G+4+ units to view up to 16 images simultaneously on a single display. Additionally, an HDMI pass-through port on the 2G+4+ Tiling Transmitter allows for distribution to a local mirrored display.

The 2G+4+ Tiling Transmitter is built around a powerful SOC scaler that enables a wide range of new applications for Just Add Power users, including support for Alpha Blending, PIP, POP, Tiling, Flip, Rotate and Chromakey commands. Each 2G+4+ Tiling Transmitter has four 2G receivers built in with one 2G+AVPro HD/IP post-mix transmitter that puts the tiled image onto the network switch, making it available to every integrated screen in the building. The 1U 2G+4+ chassis has a modular design for easy maintenance and can be mounted in ten different ways.

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