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#RoadtoISE: SurgeX

SurgeX discusses ISE 2019 trends and what visitors can expect to see in their stand.

In our series of #RoadtoISE blogs, we’re talking with exhibitors about the hottest technologies and trends they’re looking to see at ISE 2019.

Q&A with Lauren Simmen, Director of Marketing, SurgeX, part of AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection.

Q: Why ISE?

LS: ISE is the only international show that SurgeX, part of AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection, attends where dealers serving both the U.S. and global markets can learn about our power protection solutions. 

The show gives us a unique opportunity to connect with our distributors and dealers who serve both residential and commercial projects, and to showcase our solutions that fit the unique power conditions of each region. Power protection and analytics are important for home theaters, smart offices, smart homes, retail spaces, etc. Because power is different in the U.S. versus EMEA, it’s important for us to have a presence both at ISE in addition to CEDIA and InfoComm for dealers and distributors to see our latest products and demos as they apply to what they’re working with in the field. 

Q: What is the most exciting trend you expect to see at the show?

LS: The SurgeX team is eager to attend ISE this year. Each year, ISE showcases a preview of what’s to come next, especially in the display and digital signage markets. It’s always exciting to get a sneak preview. Additionally, we will be launching several new products at the show that are unique to our customer base and will help ensure these new hot trends are fully supported and protected so of course we’re excited to show them off in demos.

At ISE 2019, SurgeX aims to help educate dealers about the danger of power anomalies and the importance of protecting systems. Dealers serving global markets have a growing opportunity to add power protection to their projects. In the U.S., power protection is commonly added to projects to safeguard them from unclean power and power anomalies; however, globally, power protection within AV installations is not as ubiquitous and is a huge opportunity for our global customers. The benefits of a solid power foundation remain the same no matter the territory or project type. 

At ISE, we can help dealers learn about our new products that are available for the global markets and educate how to choose a solution to protect any project. We’re excited to help educate attendees about how to create a power foundation to safeguard installations from electrical noise, and regular power spikes and sags in addition to larger anomalies to prolong equipment lifespan and help improve performance.

Q: How will your solutions inspire integrators?

LS: Power may not always be the first thing on a client’s mind when they start their project with an integrator, but planning to protect against power anomalies can be important to preserving its longevity. Networking is often considered as the foundation of an entertainment, automation, or security system; but to run reliably, any of these systems needs clean power. Without protection, these systems can suffer frequent malfunctions, reboots or the need for product replacement—damage to a router could bring a whole system down. 

Over the past year, we’ve found that integrators who implement a power foundation and solid network infrastructure experience fewer interruptions in system performance and are better able to monitor and address issues. The SurgeX team also supports dealers by helping to diagnose power problems and recommending the right solutions to protect the systems they install against them with a solid power foundation. Education about the importance of power protection for both U.S.-based and global residential and commercial projects will help dealers understand how to deploy these solutions, as well as explain their importance to their customers, and we’re always introducing new products for both markets to support them.

To learn more, visit SurgeX at Stand 1-F50 at ISE 2019.