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Win a Kaleidescape System. Really.

The company is awarding two systems that are worth nearly $11,000 each.

There are two things I know about Kaleidescape after covering, selling, and owning a system for the past 20 years: [1] Everyone who sees it or knows about it would love to own a Kaleidescape system, and [2] Even with significant price drops over the years, the barrier for entry into Kaleidescape ownership remains high for many.

But what if I told you that you could win a Kaleidescape system of your own? Not for your dealership, but for yourself and your home. (Well, I guess you could donate it to your dealership; that’s really up to you. I’m just not that altruistic…)

And what if I told you that all you have to do to get entered to win is take about 2.5 hours of training — training that will also help you sell luxury products and systems, not just Kaleidescape.

And what if I told you that this Kaleidescape system wouldn’t be some entry-level, stripped-down model, but rather one of the brand new Compact 12 Terabyte Terra movie servers capable of storing up to 200 4K HDR films and a Strato C, with a combined value of nearly $11,000?!

Kaleidescape Strato C and Terra 12

Oh, and they aren’t just giving away one of these systems, but TWO!

I have seen some pretty terrific dealer giveaway promos in my years in the industry, but I can’t think of one that offers such a rich prize with such a low barrier to entry, and, seriously, you’d be a fool if you didn’t jump at this.

So, here’s the full rundown.

1. The contest is only available to Kaleidescape dealers.

If you’ve been on the fence about signing up, maybe this is just the thing to push you over. At CEDIA, the company had quite a few announcements, and now is a great time to get on board. Besides the Compact Terra 12 TB, which happened to win a Best of Show award from Residential Systems, they also announced an 18 TB Terra and a new massive 72 TB Terra. They also announced new partnerships with Lutron, Trinnov, and, as well as a new Sony promotion. Further, Kaleidescape just made available a video that shows the improvement of Kaleidescape’s high-bitrate video encoding compared with traditional streaming services, letting people quickly see the improvements gained by stepping up to a premium source component like a Strato. (The clip is available for free download here: The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience (2021) | Kaleidescape Movie Store)

2. You must complete the online Dealer Certification Training.

You can find out more about the training by reading my hands-on post here and you can register for the training on Kaleidescape’s Dealer Extranet here

[If you haven’t done #2 yet, DO IT NOW! Anyone that completes the training before November 1 will get FOUR ENTRIES and a Kaleidescape logo button-down shirt. If you can’t do it by the November 1, then complete it any time between then and December 15 and you’ll get two entries.]

3. Sell more systems, get more entries.

The contest has been running since October 1 (who knew?) and you will get credit for any sales that you make between October 1 and December 15. Bigger systems are worth more entries, and you can submit your sales here: Q4 Sales Order Submission ( Here’s what each component is worth:

  1. Strato C: One entry
  2. Strato S 6TB, 12TB: Two entries
  3. Compact Terra 12 TB, 18TB: Three entries
  4. Terra 24TB, 48TB, 72TB: Four entries
Kaleidescape Entry
Photo courtesy of Jeff Galea @ Boca Tech & Automation.

4. Show off your installs.

Kaleidescape knows their systems are installed in some of the best showrooms, dedicated theaters, media rooms, yachts, jets, and other luxury locations, and they want to help you show them off! You can submit of an image of a system you’ve installed that features a Kaleidescape system. Photo submissions are worth one entry, and photos can be submitted here:

So, why is Kaleidescape doing this? Quite simply, the company is trying to get all of its dealers to complete the certification program. With certification comes the knowledge and confidence to sell luxury components and systems like a Kaleidescape, and the company is willing to back it up with some serious swag. As Kaleidescape’s sr. manager dealer engagement Brett Bjorkquist says, “I get comments on a weekly basis from both new and seasoned Kaleidescape integrators stating the trainings are helping them sell systems. I figured this would get everyone’s attention, and the more engagement and participation we receive, the easier it is for me to go back and build something even bigger next time.”

The more entries you can accumulate, the more chances you have to win. Beyond the two Terra/Strato system giveaways, there will also be secondary prizes, including three $100 Visa gift cards. Hey, it’s better than getting fired or a set of steak knives.

The drawing will be held December 20, with winners to be announced before the holidays.

So, head over to Kaleidescape and get registered for that training today!


The more of you that enter, the less my chances of winning… So, ummm, yeah, maybe just move along, nothing to see here…