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Bravas Members Discuss Results at Summit 6 in Las Vegas

Bi4Ci Software Implemented by All Bravas Dealers has Given the Group Comparative Metrics in Key Areas of Business

For the past three years, more than two-dozen custom integration companies across the country have been combining ideas and efforts to create a movement within the industry. While before they claimed to have all been “inventing their [their] own wheel,” now, top local companies in various U.S. cities are helping each other move toward standardization and collaboration of effort. According to Bravas members, this has led them all to being smarter, better, and stronger as individuals and even more so as a group.

In Las Vegas, these members met once again to discuss their collaborative projects, introduce their new leadership team, and solidify their future strategy. Over the three-day event, it was made clear that the efforts of Steve Firszt, Paul Starkey, and the group of 26 dealers, have started paying dividends. The Bi4Ci software implemented by all Bravas dealers via Vital Management has been instrumental in giving the group comparative metrics in key areas of business. Now, in an instant, using a color-coded “dashboard,” any local Bravas dealer can see how his or her business is doing in key areas, and how this compares to fellow dealers. This team approach led to healthy competition, and resulted in the following awards among the group:

● Dealer of the Year – Spectrum Technology Integrators – Deerfield Beach, FL

● Best Labor Productivity – Digitech Custom Audio and Video – Indianapolis, IN

● Rookie of the Year AND Highest Sales Growth – Home Theater Technologies – Colleyville, TX

● Best Resource Management – Acadian Home Theater – Baton Rouge, LA

Leadership team changes include Ryan Anderson to CEO, Jay Vandermyde to COO, Jason Roberts to CTO, Michael Beam to strategic vendor relations, and Michael Buckner, marketing.

Ryan Anderson commented on the working spirit that the group has reached, noting: “The incredible trust and compatibility of its members and how the group has moved from ideas to action and accountability. It is the most unique experience that owners have had in any group. The power of the group is so self-evident and there is deep engagement between the companies.”

The group now has 17 full members and 13 associates. All receive the coaching service from VITAL MGMT founders Starkey and Firszt. The full members enjoy a unique slate of benefits and must meet higher performance requirements to participate. The goal is to have 50 members by the end of 2018; all supporting business process standards and meeting superior levels of performance.

The event was hosted by Origin Acoustics at their headquarters in Las Vegas with support from Audio Control, Access Networks, Marantz, ELAN, Screen Innovations, SurgeX, Vantage, Qmotion, D-Tools, Dish Network, ProSource, Connected Design, and One Firefly.

A related charity event for the New Venture House of Hope (a human trafficking prevention live-in facility) raised $25,100 from the attendees.