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Middle Atlantic Wins Azione Unlimited Golden Goose Award

The Golden Goose Award is given to the Azione Unlimited vendor member that provides the most profit to dealers within a specified timeframe.

Azione Unlimited has awarded Middle Atlantic with the second quarter 2014 Golden Goose Award.

The coveted Golden Goose award.

This award is given to the vendor member that provides the most profit to Azione Unlimited dealers during a specified timeframe. Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited, stated, “We experienced 41% growth for the first half of 2014 with Middle Atlantic. The combination of outstanding support and service like this great company has, makes it easy to understand why they are so easy to business with and so profitable.”

Previous winners include Integra, Sonance, Liberty AV Solutions, Almo Corporation, and Leon.

Azione Unlimited is the educational/buying group for both custom retailers and integrators. The vision is to bring a limited number of the country’s finest custom retailers and integrators together to share ideas, grow their bottom lines, and become a market unto itself.