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Building a Robust Network

Leading integrators discuss the importance of a robust and secure network, why wired is still the way to go, and how education is key...


Taking Your AV Expertise Outside

Gordon van Zuiden says that engineering and installing the best outdoor wired and wireless networking systems, networked cameras, gate control systems, outdoor theaters, lighting...


Frictionless Home Design

As a home technology integrator, one of the most important services that we provide our clients is a whole-house control system that best matches...


The Evolution of Voice Control

At the recent May Connections Conference in San Francisco, I listened to Amazon’s David Isbitiski deliver a keynote talk on “Accelerating Smart Home Adoption...


CES 2016: My Top Seven List

The International Consumer Electronics show held in Las Vegas last month attracted greater than 170,000 attendees from more than 150 countries.


Watching Apple

On March 9, Apple announced that it would start shipping its new watch at the end of April with prices starting at $349.


More on the Rachio IRO

While the Rachio IRO product is a great leap forward compared to the smart irrigation residential controllers that are currently on the market there...

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