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Acoustiblok dramatically reduces sound transmissions in private homes and condominiums. And, with no retail pricing, Acoustiblok can provide a profit margin of 300 to 400 percent, while addressing the problems that home owners associate with noise pollution or installing home theaters.

Noise pollution generally refers to unwanted and/or displeasing sound produced by human activities and machines which interferes with communication, work, recreation, or sleep. Noise from industrial and commercial venues like factories and power plants is often referred to as environmental noise. Broadly speaking, any form of unwelcome sound is noise pollution, whether it is the sound of a barking dog or the roar of a landing jet airplane.

As the population continues to increase, residences are built closer to each other; high-rise condominium buildings are now commonplace even in small cities. With more people sharing less space, noise pollution increases–and better solutions are needed to address the problem.

The actual loudness of a sound is only one component of the effect noise pollution has on human beings. Most people would not be bothered by the sound of a 21-gun salute at a parade. However, the thump-thump-thump of a neighbor’s music at 2 a.m. could well be a major source of stress.

Acoustiblok has resolved the problem through a unique thermodynamic process, and is engineered to transform sound energy into inaudible friction energy as the material flexes from sound waves. Acoustiblok is made of a 1/8 inch thick proprietary viscoelastic polymer material with a high density mineral content, heavy yet extremely flexible.

A 1/8 inch layer of Acoustiblok in a standard wall will result in more sound reduction than 12 inches of poured concrete. One layer of Acoustiblok can reduce sound transmission by as much as 30 decibels. (Certified independent lab tests.)

Acoustiblok requires no permit changes; structural or finish changes; new tools or skilled labor; changes with existing amenities; recalls for maintenance, or warranty issues.

Environmentally friendly, Acoustiblok contains no lead or asbestos, is UV resistant and impervious to water and mold; it is UL fire rated and approved for virtually all wall, floor and ceiling installations. Easily cut with a utility knife, Acoustiblok is typically stapled to wood studs, or screwed to metal studs, as part of layered wall, ceiling or floor construction.