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Allnet Distributing Hits Training Video Milestone

Allnet's YouTube profile recently reached the 50,000 minute view threshold.

For nearly a year, Allnet’s webinars have been held at 10:00 a.m. central time, every Tuesday. The webinar is recorded and posted on the Allnet YouTube channel. Allnet started by posting on YouTube but has since hit the YouTube threshold of views to earn its own channel. The distributor recently hit a milestone, having received 50,000 YouTube minute views in one year.

“We understand that our dealers’ desire for quality training, and making it convenient for the viewer of the content is paramount,” said Allnet’s Bill Zidek. “The effort that goes into the webinar training videos is enormous. The coordination, vetting of the content, and post-production of the content can be challenging, but a year into it we have a good rhythm going.”

Zidek said it’s difficult to measure return on investment for the videos. “On the surface, it’s all effort because we don’t charge for any of this content and we don’t ask for anything in return,” he said.“Yet the result is priceless. We believe that the addition of this new training format has contributed to the fantastic growth Allnet has achieved in 2016.”

Companies such as URC, Brightsign, Lutron, and SureCall have featured in the Allnet webinar training series. “Working with Bill and the Allnet team has been a real business plus for Universal Remote and educating our shared dealer base,” said URC’s Scott Srolis. “With the amount of info coming at the dealers now, we need this type of real-world sophisticated curriculum, and working with Allnet is perfect.”

Srolis said that Allnet “has the regular weekly business rhythm down,” so that dealers know what to expect and at what time, and if they miss it, they can go on YouTube. “Our territory sales engineer Brett Kozlowski is on the webinar every time, and there is always time for Q&As,” he added. “This level of education is invaluable, and Bill and the Allnet team do a phenomenal job.”

Wally Whinna, Allnet Distributing principal and board member of the Catalyst AV Distribution Network, added, “That is one of the advantages of the live training webinars—an open forum to ask questions of the expert hosting, which can be invaluable if you have some specific application questions. We have augmented our already significant training efforts with the webinars and on YouTube.”

Whinna noted that if a dealer ever has a question about a product or technology, Allnet can advise and educate one-on-one, but also can offer them an opportunity to view a training by the factory. “Timing is a challenge with live training as it only benefits those with the need at that exact time,” Whinna said. “We include the link to our YouTube channel on every HTML [so] the information is there for our dealers whenever they need it—true dealer support!”

Check out Allnet’s channel here.