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Boston Acoustics Debuts Recepter Radio HD

Boston Acoustics unveiled its Recepter Radio HD with HD Radio technology at the NAB Radio Show 2004 in San Diego, California.

San Diego, CA–Boston Acoustics unveiled its Recepter Radio HD with HD Radio technology at the NAB Radio Show 2004 in San Diego, California.

The Recepter Radio HD is one of the first HD home radios to become available. It broadens Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio family and features the HD Radio technology developed by iBiquity Digital Corporation.

“The introduction of this leading-edge, technology-driven, integrated audio solution reflects Boston’s history of engineering excellence, and signifies its continuing and future innovation, said Moses Gabbay, Boston Acoustics president and CEO. The Recepter Radio HD also reflects our concerted efforts to pursue new market and technology driven opportunities, ensuring our product leadership as the preferred audio solutions for the Custom Installation, Integrated Systems, Aftermarket Car, Home and OEM markets.”

The Recepter Radio HD embodies the bright promise of HD Radio technology, which radically upgrades sound quality while providing new wireless data services by allowing digital broadcasts to be transmitted over existing AM/FM radio bands. HD Radio technology benefits listeners by generating audio quality similar to that of Compact Discs; enhancing sound fidelity and reception; delivering new features and information services, like song, sports and weather data; and by eliminating static, hiss, pops and fades. A seamless conversion process lets broadcasters maintain the current dial positions of existing stations.

Listeners also benefit by the growing support of the nations major AM and FM broadcasters, which have recently reinforced their commitment to digital broadcasting. Building on the base of stations already broadcasting with HD Radio technology, many radio groups have aggressive plans to convert most major market stations over the next few years. As a result, consumers with HD Radio receivers will be able to hear many of their favorite AM and FM stations in unparalleled digital clarity.

Purchasers of Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio HD will be among the first to enjoy radios next-generation sound. In addition to iBiquitys HD Radio technology, the new Recepter Radio HD employs patented BassTrac circuitry to deliver bass performance out of proportion to its remarkably compact size. The Recepter is backward compatible with traditional AM/FM broadcasts, and maintains the same compact size, portability and overall appearance of the original Recepter Radio.

The Recepter Radio HD includes memory tuning for up to 20 AM/FM presets in any order desired, and incorporates two independent clock alarms that can be set for waking up to music, a buzzer or both. Snooze and Sleep functions are also provided, as is a battery backup that retains presets and time settings, even during a power outage.

The Recepter Radio HD will be available in Spring 2005 in platinum, charcoal and polar white finishes from authorized Boston Acoustics dealers.