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Control4 Brings Music Streaming to Hotel Automation

Control4 enhances its hospitality platform with wireless music streaming and energy management solutions.

Control4’s Hospitality OS 2.5.3 is not only the latest in hotel automation, but guest personalization as well. The company’s hospitality automation solution now features wireless music streaming and energy management. Guests will no doubt jump at the idea of streaming Lil Wayne or Billy Joel from their smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-connected devices. 

Control4 Hospitality OS 2.5.3 adds support for the company’s award-winning Wireless Music Bridge, which allows guests to stream music from their portable devices via Bluetooth.

Control4 debuted the update to its hotel automation platform last week at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) in Los Angeles.

Hospitality OS 2.5.3 adds support for the company’s award-winning Wireless Music Bridge, which allows guests to stream music from their portable devices via Bluetooth. Wireless Music Bridge gives listeners access to their private music libraries as well as streaming music from services like Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio. This solution does not require a physical dock and preserves the full browsing and app capabilities of the mobile device. Guests just walk in the door, pull out their phone or tablet, and fire up their favorite playlist; the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge allows nearly every smart device to bridge music, podcasts, news, sports and audio books into the hotel room’s audio system. 

To ensure privacy and security for hotel guests, the system dynamically creates a unique access code upon check-in, which is only valid for the duration of their stay. 

In addition, the new software update adds support for Telkonet’s EcoCentral energy management software including EcoInsight and EcoWave thermostats. “We’re very happy to add Control4 to our growing alliance of partners and are thrilled to see Control4 effectively integrating our energy management technology,” said Jason Tienor, president and CEO of Telkonet.

“Together with Control4, we are looking forward to pairing smart energy consumption with simple one-touch comfort solutions to deliver the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.”

Control4 is also introducing a new streamlined version of its thermostat control for hospitality, which allows guests to enter a single temperature set point instead of separate set points for heating and cooling, making it even easier to control room temperature.

“Today’s smartphone-savvy travelers are becoming increasingly accustomed to using their digital devices to enhance their travel experience-from checking in at the airport to renting a car or hailing a taxi. They expect the same level of experience when they arrive at the hotel,” said Jim Arnold, senior vice president of sales for Control4. “Hoteliers are increasingly finding that Control4 is the perfect automation solution for enhancing the customer experience and increasing brand loyalty. With this latest update to the Control4 Hospitality Solution, the bond between the guest, their mobile device, and the room itself grows even stronger.”

“For hotel owners and managers, the Control4 Hospitality Solution delivers a better guest experience, increased productivity and efficiency, and a competitive advantage,” said Arnold. “With the additional features and functionality we are now providing, the value for hotel owners and guests alike continues to increase.”

The Control4 Hospitality Solution can currently be found in more than 11,000 hotel rooms in 10 countries worldwide.