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Denon Event Focuses on ‘Boundless Entertainment’

Manufacturer debuts several products and enhanced training programs for custom and retail dealers. see related blog.

Dana Point, CA — During its dealer/rep product line show here, Denon Electronics introduced its Boundless Entertainment mantra, with a new lineup of products and lifestyle-enhancing features, all with a focus on providing simple, yet elegant, solutions for enjoying the ultimate home entertainment experience.

To support its line of 21st century home entertainment products at retail, Denon is launching a multi-level trade and consumer marketing and communications initiative that includes an expanded training program for both custom installers and on-the-floor retail salespeople, a high-impact, one-stop POP Demo Station for whole-home networking, as well as key logistical improvements.

Joe Stinziano, Denon senior vice president for sales and marketing, noted: Denons commitment to Boundless Entertainment is reflected in every aspect of our corporate culture in 2008. Our new products not only offer superior audio and video performance but a host of innovative features designed to truly enhance a consumers lifestyle, with powerful yet simple solutions for multiple applications. Our goal is to allow users to get maximum enjoyment out of all their entertainment content, regardless of its source, anywhere and everywhere, whether its packaged media, streamed content from inside or outside the home, or even Internet radio. And to support our new lineup, were redoubling our efforts in both retailer and consumer education, ensuring that our message of boundless entertainment comes through loud and clear.

The cornerstone to Denons commitment to Boundless Entertainment is a variety of new and enhanced products that feature a host of consumer benefits, offering Denon customers exciting new ways to enjoy high-quality entertainment throughout the home. Heres a look at Denons new and upcoming products:

Ten New AV Receivers: Denon has incorporated leading-edge image- and sound- enhancing technologies in all 10 of its new high-performance receivers. These features include HDMI 1.3a capability with support for Deep Color, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Audyssey MultEQ and Audyssey Dynamic Volume in all. The new receivers include the multi-zone Models AVR-2809CI (SRP: $1,199), AVR-2309CI (SRP:$849), AVR-1909 (SRP: $649), AVR-1709 (SRP: $449) and AVR-1609 (SRP: $349), as well as five new high-performance, high-value receivers in its Retail Home Theater Series line, including the models AVR-989 (SRP: $1,199), AVR-889 (SRP: $749), AVR-789 (SRP: $599), AVR-689 (SRP: $399), and AVR-589 (SRP: $299).

DVD-1800BD Denon is introducing its third entry in its successful Blu-ray DVD line. The Model DVD-1800BD (SRP: $749) features HDMI 1.3a with Deep Color and Bonus View support (BD Profile 1.1), Full bitstream output of Dolby and DTS-HD audio formats, 1080p scaling from SD DVDs, and 2-channel analog audio output.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Denon is giving its music loving customers an opportunity to escape to quality sound with the introduction of its high-end luxury Model AHNC732 On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones (SRP: $299).

Reference Grade CX Series: The three new CX Series products, including the Model
DRA-CX3 Stereo Receiver (SRP: $1,200), DCD CX3 SACD/CD Player (SRP: $1,200),
and SC-CX303 2-Channel Loudspeaker System (SRP: $1,200) are all currently
available. Created with audio specifications, style and details inspired by the companys legendary S-Series of Hi-Fi components, Denons elegant new reference audio components are designed for the audiophile purist who harkens back with nostalgia to the heyday of two-channel stereo.