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Indy Newspaper Editor to Join CEDIA Marketing Team

Ed Wenck will begin his new job as CEDIA's content marketing manager on June 20

CEDIA has hired the managing editor of longtime Indianapolis alternative newsweekly Nuvo as a member of its marketing department team. According to Indianapolis Business Journal, Ed Wenck is leaving his job after less than three years on the job “as part of a calculated move to step out of the media spotlight.”

CEDIA confirms that Wenck will begin his new job as content marketing manager on June 20.

That’s a “super-fancy way of saying ‘writer guy for the home tech industry,’” Wenck wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday. “Yep, I get to write about gear every day.”

In an interview with IBJ, Wenck said the move “will give me an opportunity to live somewhat of a private life.”

Recent family losses played a large role in his decision, he told the paper. His mother died last month, and his father and stepfather both died within the past two years.

The managing editor’s position puts him in the public eye, and interacting with readers — especially in the rough-and-tumble world of social media — is part of the job. After his recent personal losses, however, Wenck decided it was time to step away from the spotlight.

“Sometimes, when you’re coping with things on the home front, you don’t have a thick enough skin to also deflect public criticism,” he said.

Wenck worked as a radio personality and stand-up comedian before joining the staff of the alternative weekly news outlet in late 2013. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Wenck opened for comedians including Drew Carey, Ray Romano, and Dennis Miller.

Nuvo general manager Braden Nicholson credited Wenck with helping transform the organization.