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iShows NextGen Homes Feature DigiLinX

NetStreams will have its DigiLinX multi-room audio system featured in iShows NextGen Homes at CES.

Austin, TX–NetStreams will have its DigiLinX multi-room audio system featured in iShows NextGen Homes at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show and International Builders Show.

The homes use cutting-edge technologies, from advanced electronics to super-strong structures, to demonstrate how to enhance quality, durability, efficiency, safety, and affordability of homes of the future. Each demonstration home includes a contemporary floor plan with the kitchen at the center activity, and an eclectic elevation that will fit into any neighborhood. NetStreams DigiLinX system will allow visitors to the home to experience high quality multi-room audio throughout the house and on the deck.

NetStreams is proud to have the DigiLinX system featured in the NextGen Homes, said Herman Cardenas, CEO of NetStreams. DigiLinX is the only IP-based multi-room audio system on the market, and thanks to our patent-pending StreamNet technology, it solves the problem of synchronization of audio streams over TCP/IP from room to room. We designed DigiLinX to be highly future-expandable in its source compatibility, installation, and programming, and the NextGen homes are an ideal venue to demonstrate the systems capabilities.”

The first NextGen Home in which DigiLinX will be featured will be in Las Vegas, Nevada during the International Consumer Electronics Show from January 6-9, 2005. With a theme of The Future Is Here, visitors to the home will be able to see first hand the converging trends in home electronics in its real home environment. The second NextGen demonstration home to show in 2005 will be in Orlando, Florida from January 13-16.

Operating during the International Builders Show, its theme is Safe & Sound, and, in addition to innovative entertainment products, will feature storm-resistant building construction, and the latest in interior air quality technology, energy-efficiency design, and home automation. Both homes will feature DigiLinX IP-based multi-room audio system demonstrated as a stand-alone multi-room audio system as well as integrated with Microsofts new Windows Media Center and other products.