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Meridian Offers Summer Trade-up Deal

New York, NY — Meridian Audio is offering owners of its CD players and Surround Sound Controllers an opportunity to trade-up to a higher level of performance this summer. The “Excellence to Perfection Program” will run from June 15 to September 30.

Meridian is offering a fixed-value trade-up price for selected 500 Series, G Series, and 800 Series Disc players and Surround Sound Controllers against the purchase of a new, higher specification model.

Products that qualify for this trade-up promotion are: Disc players: 506, 507, 508, 586, 588, 596, G06, G07, G08, G92, G95, G96, G98, 800(V1-3), 808, and 808.2. Surround Controllers: 541, 561, 565, 568, G61, G61R, G68D, G68J, G68ADV, G68AVX, G68XXV, G68XXD, and 861 (V1-3).

In recent years, Meridian has released products such as the G08.2 and 808.2 featuring proprietary “apodising” up-sampling filters that can correct errors in an original recording. The HD621, released earlier this year, enables the consumer to connect up to six HDMI-equipped sources, such as, set-top-boxes and Blu-ray Disc players, to their Meridian system, separating audio from video and enhancing the quality of both.

Meridian dealers should contact their factory representative for specific pricing, terms, and conditions.