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Mike Tsinberg, Nest Fire Truck Head to Vendopalooza

AVAD LLC has revealed the finale date of its exclusive touring trade show, Vendopalooza.

AVAD LLC has revealed the finale date of its exclusive touring trade show, Vendopalooza.

Scheduled for December 10 at AVAD’s Van Nuys location, the final 2013 Vendopalooza will feature an exclusive training session on HDMI, HDBaseT and iOS from Key Digital president and company founder, Mike Tsinberg, in addition to a special appearance from the Nest Fire Truck, an educational, interactive demo experience for the new Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Wrapping up its fourth year at the Van Nuys location, Vendopalooza offers AVAD dealers throughout North America access to meet directly and interact with the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers. Vendopalooza provides dealers with the benefit of demoing the latest products, participating in prize giveaways and raffles, and purchasing products at special pricing. Throughout each event, AVAD conducts special training sessions designed to help attendees manage and grow their businesses.

“Since its inception, Vendopalooza has been an event our dealers and vendors look forward to participating in,” said Jim Annes, vice president and general manager for AVAD. “As we wrap up our fourth year of the event tour, we look forward to bringing our dealers in California one of the biggest and best events ever.”

The exclusive training session presented by Key Digital’s Tsinberg, entitled “How We Can Adopt HDMI, HDBaseT and iOS for Custom AV Installations,” will teach dealers how to maximize the benefits and mitigate the negatives of HDBaseT, what an ideal system can look like, and offer examples of HDMI/HDBaseT/iOS systems implementations using advanced RS232/IR topology.

Additional trainings scheduled for the Van Nuys event include:

·“Digital Signage” – Presented by Phil Parrish, AVAD
·“Learn Trip-Wire Selling to Get the Skills that Make the Deals” – Presented by Bill Parry, AVAD
·“The Power of Influence” – Presented by Dave Donald, Artison

Dealers attending the Van Nuys Vendopalooza will enjoy another exclusive opportunity in the form of the new Nest Fire Truck. Customized for Nest by West Coast Customs, the Nest Fire Truck provides an interactive learning experience, including active demos of the new Nest Protect—available soon at AVAD.

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