OPPO Speakers Integrate Dirac Room Calibration

Room Calibration Software Removes Sound Colorations from Listening Environment
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Oppo Sonica Wi-Fi speakers

OPPO Digital’s new range of Sonica Wi-Fi speakers will feature Dirac Room Calibration (DRC), new room correction software for Android and iOS devices. The OPPO Sonica speakers come equipped with Wi-Fi, AirPlay, and Bluetooth capabilities and will be available in Q3 2016 with prices starting around $300. 

The listening environment can be the most challenging aspect of creating an audio system because it introduces unwanted colorations of the sound. OPPO selected Dirac Room Calibration as the solution. A patented technology that analyzes the speakers and room together, DRC automatically makes corrections to remove unwanted colorations and deliver optimized sound.

“Your listening room is actually one of the most important components of your sound system, which is why digital room correction helps so much in improving the sound quality,” said Dr. Mathias Johansson, CEO of Dirac. “We are pleased that OPPO has selected our new Dirac Room Calibration for their next-generation Sonica Wi-Fi Speakers. We saw a great match with OPPO’s heritage of providing innovative, high-performance products along with strong value to consumers.”

“Dirac has become the world leader in room correction technology and we are excited to integrate the new Dirac Room Calibration into our Sonica Wi-Fi Speakers,” said Jason Liao, CTO of OPPO Digital. “We expect that our users will greatly improve their music listening experience with this advanced technology.”

Dirac Room Calibration software uses a user interface application for both Android and iOS devices. Using the built-in microphone inside mobile devices to analyze the loudspeaker and the room together, Dirac Room Calibration provides a tangible sound quality upgrade. Users should experience improved clarity, tighter bass, and a more natural overall sound presentation.

OPPO Digital plans to release this feature via firmware and app updates in the Sonica Wi-Fi Speakers.