PMA Research AV Dealer Survey Highlights Growth for 2016 U.S. Display Market

Laser Phosphor, Interactive, Home Theater Projectors and Large-Format Flat Panels Expected to Spur Growth
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PMA Research (PMA) has published results from its most recent U.S. survey of AV resellers. This is the sixteenth time that PMA has conducted the Dealer Survey. Thousands of pro AV dealers, systems integrators, retailers, and web-based resellers of projectors, flat panels, and related accessories were invited to participate. The survey covered a broad range of facts, figures, and opinions from the participating dealers, many of whom are among the largest in North America.

Professional AV dealers and systems integrators identified several segments they expect to register strong growth. For example, unit sales of laser phosphor projectors are projected to nearly double in 2016 over 2015 while sales of interactive projectors are expected to grow nearly 20 percent in 2016. These same dealers anticipate large flat panel sales (+40-inches) will increase 23 percent increase in 2016. The survey also provides sales comparisons of interactive projectors vs. interactive flat panels in U.S. K-12 and corporate markets.

Consumer AV Specialists and CEDIA Installers are optimistic about the market for consumer projectors too, anticipating a 13 percent increase in unit sales in 2016. These same dealers anticipate an 11 percent increase in flat panel unit sales in 2016.

In addition to general business expectations, the survey also asked projector dealers for their opinions about various aspects of their relationships with manufacturers. These aspects or attributes fell into three broad categories: pre-sales and marketing support, products, and after-sale support.

In the 2016 survey, professional projector dealers taking the survey ranked product quality/reliability, ease of doing business with the manufacturer and responsive after-sale support people as the most important aspects of the dealer/manufacturer relationship. For pre-sale support, Epson and NEC scored high marks, while Eiki and Hitachi fared well in the product category. Sony and Eiki took top honors in after-sale support.

Consumer projector dealers taking the survey ranked product quality/reliability, knowledgeable after-sale support people and on-time delivery of product as the most important aspects of the dealer/manufacturer relationship. Sony was the top-rated manufacturer in the consumer arena, with Epson, SIM2 and JVC receiving high marks as well.

“The relationship between manufacturers and their dealers continues to be a major factor in the success of the brand,” says Rosemary Abowd, who was the PMA Research project manager for the survey. “We’re proud that we were able to undertake this massive survey project again this year, as it provides valuable information for the projector manufacturers. Our survey provides direct feedback that points out the aspects of the manufacturer relationships that dealers view as most important and measures how well manufacturers perform on those aspects.”