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Powershades Brings Manufacturing In-House

New manufacturing facility located up the street from headquarters will help Powershades expedite shipping times.


PowerShades has announced that the company’s manufacturing operations have moved from Florida to a new facility in Joplin, MO. Located less than a mile from PowerShades’ headquarters, the new manufacturing facility will help the company to enhance quality assurance, with in-house supervision and quality control on site, while reducing delivery turnaround times. Customer service will also be located on site at the new facility, so information can be provided and issues addressed quickly.

“This is a tremendous move, quite literally, for our company, distributors and especially our customers,” says PowerShades president, Jason Turner. “At this new manufacturing facility, every step of the operation will be under the watchful eye of our own production engineers — from software development to product assembly to shipment. The same team of engineers who design and build our PoE automated shades will be programming the machines that make them, working to ensure a quality process and product through every step of the operation.”

A number of factors will work to speed delivery of product shipped from the new manufacturing facility. The facility’s central U.S. Missouri location, closer to PowerShades suppliers, will expedite the process. Plus PowerShades will stock the most popular fabrics at the facility, including Phipher and Mermet fabrics, as well as motors, tubes, and hardware. An in-house inventory of the most popular materials will lead to faster production times, which means that customers will get their products faster, and with reduced shipping costs.

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