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Russound Adds Spotify Service to its Audio Streamers

Russound will feature the popular music streaming service on its XStream X5 and DMS-3.1, as well as its upcoming MCA-88X

Russound had to keep its plans for adding Spotify to its audio streaming products under wraps for more than six months, but the deal is now done and the proverbial cat is finally out of the bag for the company. The Newmarket, NH, multi-room audio manufacturer will feature the popular music streaming service on its XStream X5 and DMS-3.1, as well as its upcoming MCA-88X.

“We’re so excited about this because it’s been a huge priority for us internationally, and one of the big things being asked for in the U.S.,” stated Russound’s product marketing manager Colin Clark. “But our hands were tied about talking about it until we got the final certification.”

Spotify will be made available to both new and existing customers through firmware updates and new releases to the MyRussound App for both iOS and Android devices that will be made available in the coming weeks.

The company now offers the top three streaming services in the U.S. market: Pandora, SiriusXM, and Spotify. Russound also offer TuneIn and vTuner internet radio services.

The Russound XStream X5 is a room-by-room distributed audio system with integrated controller that is fully Wi-Fi certified designed to wirelessly synchronize audio across all X5-powered rooms.

The DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer provides network-based digital music to a multi-room system. As an Apple-certified AirPlay accessory, audio content can be sent to the DMS-3.1 from any iOS device.

Russound’s MCA-88X Streaming Multizone Controller Digital Amplifier blends the company’s MCA-Series products and XStream technology, which streams content from the cloud, home network, tablets, and phones.

Gaining final approval for Spotify was especially important as Russound prepares for the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show in early 2015. “Our international partners have been clamoring for this service to be integrated into our product lines,” Clark said.

While the bulk of the streaming business in the U.S., Clark said that TuneIn and Spotify are the only services that work internationally.

“We want to be a global brand, so that’s why we’re doing what we do,” he said.