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Russounds CFO Takes On Different Role

Company CFO Linda Mariotti moves into a management position following a search for her replacement.

Newmarket, NH–Russounds chief financial officer, Linda Mariotti, will soon move to a management position in cost and sales analysis following a search for her replacement.

Mariotti, who became Russounds Chief CFO in 1992, is committed to remaining with the company, though she feels that she is ready to cede the officers position after 16 years.

Commented Mariotti: Since I joined the company 18 years ago, Ive seen Russound grow and evolve in a myriad of ways, but one thing that hasnt changed is this companys devotion to its people. Whether its our staff, our clientele or our vendors, Russound is still one of the very few companies I know where literally every person makes an essential contribution to the brand.

I feel honored to be a part of such a unique and productive environment. Even though I feel its time to step aside from my current position, I look forward to continuing with Russound as I return to cost and sales analysis, which is still my first love…at least as far as business is concerned.

Mariotti originally joined Russound in 1990 as an accounting consultant and then was appointed to the company full time in 1991 as the Controller. In 1992, Mariotti was promoted to CFO. Since then, her financial management has been instrumental in facilitating Russounds growth to one of the top brands in the industry. In addition to CFO functions, she was also responsible for Human Resources from 2001 to 2006, directing Russounds personnel and benefits initiatives.

Everyone here at Russound and throughout our extended family knows that Linda is one of the essential reasons for our success, said Maureen Baldwin, Russounds President. I cant think of many professionals with the same extraordinary talent for managing multiple projects while still keeping an unerring eye on the bottom line. Though I will miss having her in the CFOs chair, Im thrilled to know that she will still be an integral part of the team.

Mariotti will remain in her current role during the companys search for a new CFO. Interested parties are invited to submit resumes to [email protected].