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Smith Rides to Defeat Cancer

CE dealer and installer, Ken Smith, will bike to CEDIA EXPO 2006 to raise money for cancer research.

Falmouth, ME–Ken Smith, head of Maine-based Custom Electronics and vice president of CEDIA, will once again climb into his bike saddle to fight cancer.

Last year, fed up with the number of people in his life who were dealing with the physical and emotional effects of the deadly disease, Smith took to the highway on a solo bike ride from his home in Maine to CEDIA EXPO in Indianapolis. The 12-day journey covered 1,200 miles and raised $22,000, which Smith donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

This time around, Smith along with other riders who were inspired by his initial effort, will hit the road to cover the 2,200 miles between Augusta, Maine, and CEDIA EXPO in Denver, Colorado, in 22 days, beginning August 19.

“One of the things that got me thinking about doing it again was that in talking one day with a cancer survivor, I found that the $22K that I raised would only pay for about one and a half chemo treatments,” Smith said. “I understand that the money I raised doesn’t go to treatments, it goes to helping those affected by the disease and helps with research to fight it. However, the numbers put it all into perspective for me. So, I thought we might be able to do something significantly more powerful this year with some more time to plan.”

Smith and his co-riders hope to raise $1 million for the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care in Maine and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

To make a donation and learn more about Kens Smith’s dedication to eradicating cancer, visit