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The Resi Weekly Top 10 – 07.29.22

The most visited stories on from July 22–28, 2022.

Welcome to the Resi Weekly Top 10, where we recognize the most visited stories on over the past 7 days and count them from 10 down to 1.


Here are the links for this week’s top 10 stories.

  1. Platinum Tools Announces Digital Tone and Probe Kit
  1. Atlona Offers Home Office Solution
  1. Should You Become an Electrician?
  1. 2022 CEDIA Shares: Savant
  1. Building Better Networks for WFH and Resimercial Applications
  1. Review: Juke Audio Multi-Zone Whole-Home Audio Streamer
  1. Digital Art and the Role of the Integrator
  1. Blog: Do You Have a “Swillmaster”?
  1. Review: Trinnov Audio Altitude16 Surround Processor

And the #1 story for the week ending July 29, 2022 is…

  1. 2022 CEDIA Shares: Origin Acoustics