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Triad Aligns with HTSA

Loudspeaker manufacturer partnership with industry buying group goes into effect January 2, 2008.

Portland, OR–Custom loudspeaker solution manufacturer Triad Speakers Inc., led by founder and president Larry Pexton, has aligned with Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA).

HTSA is a national association promoting excellence in custom design and installation of the latest home theater technologies. HTSA currently includes 62 high-end custom dealers and installers that benefit from the associations marketing programs and full suite of services.

High-end solution oriented products are what makes HTSA members successful; we are thrilled to partner with the premier speaker solution vendor in this space, said Richard Glikes, executive director of HTSA.

Pexton added, When Triad re-aligned its focus in 1992 to CEDIA and high-end custom installation dealers, we decided to concentrate our resources on pleasing the top 2% of wealth households; these are the clients with the income and inclination to pay for a premium product, which is adapted individually to their dcor and performance needs.

We decided in 1992 that our mission is to provide unique architectural audio/video solutions through innovative design and manufacturing. We have achieved consistent double-digit growth pursuing that goal for the last fifteen years.

Only by targeting this group of high-end clients can we grow our business while continuing to manufacture most of our products in the US. It is difficult to compete on price with our competitors, who are almost all sourcing primarily or exclusively in China; but we do very well in our niche by offering free custom color matching and free veneer matching of our U.S.-made products. I believe the HTSA members will be better able to delight and amaze their best clients with Triads ever growing array of unique solutions.

The Triad/HTSA program goes into effect beginning January 2, 2008.