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Trident IoT Launches Taurus Z-Wave Series Silicon

Chip series and SDK support next-generation Z-Wave capabilities for the global market.

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Trident IoT, an RF technology and engineering company focused on decreasing time-to-market for connected device manufacturers, has announced the release of the new Taurus Z-Wave Series of silicon solutions.

The Trident IoT Taurus Z-Wave Series will encompass system-on-chip (SoC) solutions and modules that support the latest advancements in Z-Wave technology, including Z-Wave Long Range (ZWLR) for the U.S. and the implementation of the ZWLR European specification. The Taurus Z-Wave Series will ship with an SDK based on Open Z-Wave Specification Release 2024A.

“The Taurus Series gives global manufacturers access to cutting-edge Z-Wave capabilities,” says Trident IoT co-founder Bill Scheffler. “This silicon series and SDK will be the first to implement the ZWLR European specification, accelerating IoT product development worldwide.”

Taurus Series Silicon Specifications

The Taurus Series is based on an ultra-low power, high-performance Z-Wave SoC. The Taurus SoC solution is designed to enable Z-Wave solutions with class-leading battery life, range, and memory.

Taurus Series chips feature an ARM Cortex-M33 microprocessor, 1 MB of flash program memory, and 288 KB of SRAM data memory for exceptional processing and response time. The powerful sub-GHz radios transmit at +20 dBm and +14 dBm, enabling communication over distances up to 1+ miles.

Taurus chips support Z-Wave Plus, Z-Wave Plus v2, and ZWLR, enabling the development of highly secure, reliable, scalable, and backward-compatible solutions for smart home, hospitality, multi-dwelling units, and more. Using the ZWLR 12-bit addressing space, the Taurus Series supports networks of up to 4000 nodes; Taurus chips also leverage ZWLR dynamic power control, enabling end-point battery life of up to ten years from a single coin-cell battery.

End-to-End Product Development Support

In line with the company’s mission to decrease time-to-market for IoT devices, Trident IoT will offer end-to-end engineering consultation for new products integrating Taurus Series silicon. In addition to the Taurus Series SDK, Trident IoT customers will also have access to an exclusive library of both Z-Wave and ZWLR device and sensor reference designs, created to accelerate the development of innovative new edge-of-property applications.

Trident IoT also offers in-depth consulting from some of the industry’s foremost experts on wireless connectivity, including Z-Wave technology. “Trident IoT was launched in response to a gap in the availability of IoT product design services,” says Mariusz Malkowski, Trident IoT CTO and founder. “The demand for consultation has been extraordinary: in just six months we’ve had to double our engineering resources.”

To support the development of market-ready products, the Trident IoT lab is fully equipped and available for Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus v2, and ZWLR end product compliance and testing.

By providing silicon, design services, and in-house compliance testing, Trident IoT can help device manufacturers decrease time-to-market for new Z-Wave products by more than 60%. According to Kevin Kraus, VP of technology alliances and IoT business development, Yale – Fortune Brands Innovation, “In-depth consulting services from the Trident IoT team will be an invaluable accelerator for Fortune Brands, helping us to bring new Z-Wave-certified products to market in the near future. With the launch of this new single-die silicon solution, we look forward to collaborating on new devices with next-generation capabilities, including long-range and potentially even multi-protocol devices.”

Taurus Series Previews for Product Developers

Taurus Series silicon will begin shipping at scale in Q4 2024. In the meantime, Trident IoT will issue Taurus Series samples to select partners for initial testing and product development.

Visit to learn more about Trident IoT design and consultation services, or to request a place in the Taurus Series priority preview queue.