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Value Electronics’ Holds 12th Annual TV Shootout

Value Electronics hosted its annual TV Shootout evaluation event at CE Week in New York City.

A side-by-side comparison at the 12th annual TV Shootout

Value Electronics hosted its annual TV Shootout evaluation event at CE Week in New York City. The Shootout participants and professionals test, evaluate, and compare picture quality attributes of the latest flagship TVs each year side-by-side and the winner is crowned “King of TV.” 

Five mini overview TV Shootout sessions and two full voting TV Shootout evaluations were held over two days on Wednesday, June 22 and Thursday, June 23, 2016. All TVs were set-up on an equal playing field, positioned next to each other in alphabetical order, and professionally calibrated in Day and Night modes. 

The CE Week attendees and experts were led through the different attributes of picture quality to evaluate and judge several aspects of the newest TVs from the leading CE manufacturers competing for the crown. The contenders were LG’s OLED65G6P, Samsung’s UN78SK9800, Sony’s XBR-75X940D, and Vizio’s RS65.

The seven attributes included in the voting ballot were black quality, perceived contrast, color accuracy, off-axis performance, screen uniformity, HDR/WCG, overall day, and overall night performance, all of which are important considerations in making a TV buying decision. 

The new “King of TV” for 2016 is LG’s OLED65G6P Signature Series OLED TV. The LG OLED TV took the lead in the voting categories as well as the average of all categories, solidifying its win in the competition. Sony’s XBR-75X940D won in the overall day performance category and was the runner up in the 2016 TV Shootout evaluation.

The results are available on Value Electronics’ website. Robert Zohn, owner of Value Electronics, commented, “Consumers are advised to use the voting results to assess which criteria are most important to them and review each category to determine the TV that best matches their priorities and viewing conditions.”