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Xperinet Offers Pre-Loaded Blu-ray Libraries

Customers of Xperinet's MIRV Entertainment Server can now select from eight libraries of 1080p movie content.

Annapolis, MD — Xperinet Inc. is now offering bundled libraries of Blu-ray movies pre-loaded on its MIRV (Multiple Independent Replay Video) servers. Customers can choose from among several packages of movies organized by genre, including action, comedy, drama, family, and others.

“We feel this represents an important step in the migration to HD,” said John Cox, CEO of Xperinet. “Many consumers have yet to begin building their Blu-ray library, and having purchased a 1080p display, they are ready to make the shift.”

The number of households with HD displays is expected to grow from 35 million to 60 million this year. With this transition comes a host of consumers wanting an easy way to procure and load Blu-ray movies. The Xperinet MIRV system stores HD video and allows owners the ease of accessing any movie in their library at the touch of a button.

A movie on Blu-ray can be eight times the file size of a DVD, and take around an hour to load. This can make the setup of a new system very time consuming. When Xperinet’s server arrives from the factory, it already has a customer’s pre-purchased library of Blu-ray titles loaded, including all meta-data and cover art.

Each package of Blu-ray movies contains 25 titles, comprised mostly of new releases, but also including some classics. Xperinet will update libraries each month with new Blu-ray where appropriate. Titles within each library are unique, so customers will not receive multiple copies of the same title if ordering several packages.