Access Networks Unveils Décor-Friendly Access Point Enclosure

Customizable Enclosure Conceals Unsightly Access Points in Ceilings, Walls
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Access Networks has introduced an access point enclosure (AP enclosure), enabling integrators to conceal Wi-Fi range-extending devices in optimized locations throughout the home within ceilings or walls. The customizable enclosure features round or square paintable magnetic cover options to suit varied décor and has been engineered for the Ruckus R310 and R510 series of access points, though the enclosure can be used with other solutions, size allowing.

The AP Enclosure is engineered to simplify installation for professional integrators, featuring four keystone knock-outs for the most popular brands to allow incoming cable connections as well as utilizing the internal switch capability of most Ruckus access points. The paintable magnetic covers enable a quick reveal for service or future upgrades, and a new-construction ring is available for proper placement before drywall. The enclosure also features side ventilation to keep any heat generated by the access point rising out of the enclosure while minimizing the presence of attic dust or insulation. 

The key advantage of the AP enclosure is that it allows for Wi-Fi repeaters to be distributed optimally without compromising home aesthetics. 

“We brought the AP Enclosure to market as a direct response to feedback from integrators regarding the challenges they were facing finding discreet, secure locations for access points,” explained Access Networks CSO Bryce Nordstrand. “This solution can be easily customized to match any décor—it brings tremendous value to the client and added profitability for the integrator.”

The Access Networks AP Enclosure is available at MSRP $139 for pre-orders, and will be shipping September, 2017.