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OSD Audio Introduces the XPA 600 and 1000 100/70v Amplifiers

High-power and low distortion commercial amps for medium-to-large installations.

The OSD Audio XPA 600 and 1000 amplifiers feature an efficient, fan-cooled, 2-channel Class D amp, with rear-panel max volume control and loop-though outputs. The remotely selectable balanced and unbalanced inputs and power-on/off triggers provide additional flexibility. There is also an RS-232 port for integration into other control systems.

OSD Audio XPA 600 Amplifier
OSD Audio XPA-600 Amplifier

Rated at a total of 600 and 1000 watts, these 100/70-volt amplifiers can deliver high-power and sound through many speakers, ideal for outdoor audio systems, as well as a large variety of commercial AV applications. Outputs can be configured in mono or stereo, giving integrators the configuration flexibility they need to accommodate any system architecture. Front panel LED indicator lights provide instant feedback on power levels being supplied to each channel.

The XPA-600 is $649 and the XPA 1000 is $799.

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