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Steinway Lyngdorf Launches First Steinway & Sons Soundbar

The black front of Model S soundbar is complemented by signature gold-plated tweeter frames and bronze-gold lacquered sides with black strings, resembling the piano.

Steinway Lyngdorf has announced the launch of the first Steinway & Sons soundbar, the Model S soundbar. The Model S soundbar is driven by powerful digital amplifiers, while the RoomPerfect technology calibrates it for any room and placement.

Steinway Lyngdorf Model S soundbar

The Model S soundbar offers a high-performance design with two woofers, three Air Motion Transformer tweeters, and three midrange drivers for extraordinary clarity and details, all powered by four digital amplifiers with a combined 1600 watts. The extremely rigid and heavy enclosure is made from machined solid aluminum front and back panels, housing a low-resonance MDF frame with five acoustically separated chambers inside. This provides the ideal foundation for the loudspeaker drivers and ensures the purest sound from the highest to the lowest notes — even when playing louder.

The Air Motion Transformer tweeters with Kapton foil and the midrange drivers with anodized aluminum cones are powered by strong neodymium magnets. The left-center-right configuration allows a stable center soundstage and imaging, either in pure stereo or with center channel upmixing/multichannel downmixing in the digital Steinway & Sons processor. The two 10-inch woofers are a high-excursion design with a four-layer voice coil, an anodized aluminum cone, powerful neodymium magnet, and an ultra-rigid cast aluminum basket. The result is an exceptional bass performance.

The black front is complemented by signature gold-plated tweeter frames and bronze-gold lacquered sides with black strings, resembling the piano and musical instruments. Every Model S soundbar is assembled and finished by hand in Skive, Denmark, made to the same quality standards as a Steinway & Sons piano and giving this soundbar its unmistakable appearance and longevity. Customized lacquers and finishes are available on request.

As with every Steinway & Sons loudspeaker, the Model S soundbar is part of the company’s Integrated System Approach, ensuring all parts of the system, from the speaker itself to the external Steinway & Sons stereo or surround processors and digital amplifiers, work perfectly together as one. Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect technology is the finishing touch for each system. RoomPerfect acoustically calibrates the soundbar to the room acoustics, always ensuring the very best sound experience for every customer, in any room and any speaker placement.

The new Steinway & Sons Model S soundbar will be available at the end of Q3 2024. System prices depend on the choice of stereo or surround processor.

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