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Case Study: RTI Control on the Go

RTI delivers customized Control for a Russian celebrity’s decked-out Mercedes-Benz.

RTI – Car – Screen

When a Russian celebrity wanted to convert their Mercedes-Benz V-Class sedan into a luxurious first-class salon, they turned to Moscow-based integrator Nazarov. To create a one-of-a-kind ride, the company outfitted the vehicle with armchairs, a table and bar, lighting, curtains, and a retractable TV. For the owner and other passengers to truly enjoy the amenities of their mobile lounge, another crucial element to the installation was providing simple and intuitive control over the passenger compartment technologies. To meet this need, Nazarov relied on solutions from RTI.

“In addition to a simple and reliable control experience, our client wanted to interact with the car’s technologies using an iPad with a sleek, custom interface,” says Nazarov project head Alexander Schedrov. “This made RTI the obvious choice for this project. Not only do the RTI control solutions deliver rock-solid performance, but the Integration Designer APEX programming software makes it effortless to customize any RTI interface to the specific needs of any installation — even in a car.”

RTI - Car - Interface

The Mercedes’ control system is powered by RTI’s XP-3 control processor, designed for single-room sensations — even if that room is a car! In the Mercedes, Nazarov took advantage of the XP-3’s infrared ports and contact closure relays to control the vehicle’s display, retractable display bracket, audio system, armchairs, and an Apple TV. The owner interacts with these technologies in the car using the RTiPanel iPad app — featuring a custom-designed interface — which rests in the rear seat center console.

“Our client absolutely loves luxury travel in the decked-out Mercedes, thanks in no small part to RTI,” adds Schedrov. “All the amenities in the world don’t mean much if they aren’t as simple as possible to operate. In this car, all it takes is a screen tap.”

RTI – Car – Seats and iPad

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