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Autonomic Introduces MMS-1e Audio-over-Ethernet Music Streamer

Autonomic has introduced the MMS-1e whole-house music streamer featuring proprietary eAudioCast audio-over-ethernet technology.

Autonomic has introduced the MMS-1e whole-house music streamer featuring proprietary eAudioCast audio-over-ethernet technology. eAudioCast technology is designed to make it dramatically less difficult to bring high-resolution digital audio along with streaming content into even the most challenging-to-reach zones in any project. The MMS-1e also resides in a new compact form factor, enabling integrators to easily locate the music streamer along with source devices anywhere in the home or in a traditional structured wiring enclosure.

The completely solid-state MMS-1e music streamer represents a new entry-level product for Autonomic that will broaden the opportunities for integrators to deliver premium entertainment solutions, particularly to those clients focused on enjoying streaming content throughout the home. The Autonomic eSeries MMS-1e is a single- or dual-stream whole-house music player featuring advanced eAudioCast audio-over-ethernet technology that transforms the single stream offered on the MMS-1e into two network streams when paired with any Autonomic eSeries amplifier. For applications requiring more than two simultaneous music streams, integrators can easily add additional MMS-1e streamers, each of which will make two additional eAudioCast programs available.

The MMS-1e supports all popular streaming services, high-resolution audio up to 192kHz/24bit, and is compatible with the most popular smart home platforms. The MMS-1e supports one analog output through its onboard 192kHz/24bit DAC, plus mirrored high-resolution PCM digital outputs in both coax, HDMI, and USB-to-DAC formats. The MMS-1e is completely solid state, delivering lower power consumption and snappier, more fluid responsiveness.

The MMS-1e can be leveraged as a low-cost single-stream music player utilized as a standalone solution within a control system environment, or can be paired with an Autonomic eSeries amplifier, where its capacity doubles to provide two independent network streams of content in full-featured whole-house entertainment systems up to 96 zones. This flexibility enables users to grow their music system as their needs change, while enjoying the same intuitive user interface they have become accustomed to with the basic package.

“The MMS-1e music streamer has been engineered to deliver the critical features and performance consumers are looking for, combined with unprecedented installation flexibility—all at the lowest price point ever offered by Autonomic,” said CEO Michael de Nigris. “The MMS-1e is equally at home as the foundation of an affordable standalone Mirage Audio System or as part of a larger smart home solution.” 

The MMS-1e will become available at the end of September, 2016 with an MSRP of $995.