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SnapAV Unveils Araknis Wireless Access Points

Araknis Networks 510- and 810-Series WAPs feature Wave 2 technology for high-density networks.

SnapAV’s Araknis Networks has released two new wireless access point models designed to deliver high speed for installs with multiple wireless clients.

The Araknis Networks 510- and 810-Series indoor wireless access points are powered by Wave 2 MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology, allowing these access points to simultaneously communicate with multiple devices while increasing throughput and decreasing network congestion.

These new wireless access points join the existing family of Araknis products for a complete networking solution. While the current the 500-Series WAP is designed for installations that require more range, the new 510-Series is designed to be a dealer’s go-to access point for high-density applications. The new 810-Series is ideal for an integrator’s most robust networking installs, as it can easily handle hundreds of devices at lightning-fast speed, according to the company.

The signature Araknis blue LED is embedded in these new models, making for a gentle, diffused light that won’t attract a customer’s attention. The new models also feature two ports, PoE, and a dealer-friendly installation method that allows for easy slotting.

As with all Araknis products, these WAPs are compatible with OvrC, SnapAV’s free remote management system. Dealers can check and resolve connectivity if a product falls offline and can even create user profiles that customers can use to schedule and restrict WiFi access.

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