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EnGenius Technologies Launches Wi-Fi Planning Tool

ezWiFi Planner Tool Enables Integrators to Upload Floorplans, Conduct Surveys, Optimize Client Networks, and Propose Generated Solutions

EnGenius Technologies, a manufacturer of networking solutions that includes managed and unmanaged wireless solutions, Gigabit switches, and IP-based surveillance systems, has created an online Wi-Fi Planning tool to assist integrators in simulating the best optimized wireless networks.

“The ezWiFi Planner tool is simple to use and great for system integrators that are planning Wi-Fi networks in residential and commercial environments,” said Bryan Slayman, product line manager at EnGenius Technologies.

The tool enables integrators to upload floorplans, conduct surveys, optimize client networks, and propose generated solutions for successful project deployments.

In the tool, integrators can mark coverage and exclusion zones, designate areas by type (office, elevator, etc.) and add building materials (metal doors, concrete walls, etc.) to design for optimized networks that overcome coverage barriers. The ezWiFi Planner generates customizable reports to include floor plan overviews, AP placement locations, access point model data, and signal coverage scenarios.

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