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Flat-Panels And Profit

Nuvision Has A New Executive Team, But Same Ci-Focused Plan 

“Our product will guarantee that installers will be able to make flat-panel installation worthwhile again and not a loss leader.” —David Hester, Vice Chairman, NuVision

NuVision has been selling high-end flat-panel LCD screens exclusively to the custom installation channel since its inception in 2005. Earlier this year the company restructured its executive team upon the departure of president Scott Deley and COO Greg Todd. New vice chairman David Hester joined the company in January, bringing along his experience working for Gateway Computers and Signet PLC, the world’s largest jeweler. Most recently, he has helped lead the NuVision team in the launch of its new product line, the Lucidium FX5 Series. Here, Hester answers our questions about the new LCD and described what has and has not changed for NuVision since its management overhaul.

What are some of the most notable changes that a dealer or rep might see from the company going forward?
The new leadership team has strived to cover and will ensure the most important issues for any installer. In terms of reliability, our products are designed and manufactured to be the most robust in their class. Chris Porter, our new VP of engineering, has tasked himself with developing and testing a quality product to be proud of. This is backed up with a 30-day, in-home fixor- exchange program and a class-leading, twoyear warranty. This will alleviate one of the primary concerns for an installer: the dreaded re-visit.

When it comes to picture quality, we’re using the best components, and the team at NuVision has designed a unique quality experience using our latest FFM and FX5 picture platforms. These ensure whether you are watching sports, cartoons, gaming, or film that the picture is right for you. These televisions perform like never before, maximizing 120Hz technology and generating superb life-like picture quality.

In terms of dealer margin, our product will guarantee that installers will be able to make flatpanel installation worthwhile again and not a loss leader. And these margins are available across our entire range, from the 22-inch to the 65-inch. As for our brand itself, our product is only available through the CEDIA channel, with no Internet sales whatsoever. We only sell through the CEDIA channel as we want our product sold by a specialist, and an expert in their field.

What are the biggest technical challenges facing your company as you bring new products to market?

NuVision’s new FX5 Series LCD Panel Finding the right partners allows us to manufacture our products to the highest standard at a price that is credible to the end user. The key is to educate the installers of our unique feature set and how to optimize its end use. Any chef can have the right ingredients, but only the top chefs provide the ultimate experience of presentation and taste.

Talk a little about your new Lucidium FX5 Series of flat-screens.
The FX5 Series is a true 120Hz line that currently is available from 42- to 65-inch models, using our new FX5 (Film Times Five, which is a true 5:5 pulldown) and FFM (Frame Forward Motion) platforms. Our first 120Hz range continues our position of providing superb picture quality and superb build quality.

What’s up next after that, from a product standpoint, as we get closer to CEDIA?
At CEDIA, we plan to show a new range of Ultra Slim LED Edge lit 120Hz flat-screens from 40 to 55 inches. We want to extend the FX5 range into a class-leading 120Hz 32- and 37-inch TV and a color-coded 19-inch TV. We also plan for a few surprises that will complement and strengthen our unique proposition to our exclusive club of dealers. So, stay tuned as we develop a range that any discerning connoisseur of flat-screens will love. These will delight our partners, while worrying the competition.