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× Introduces VoiceCast on Sonos

Enables Josh to use other speakers throughout the home to broadcast voice responses. has partnered with Sonos to introduce VoiceCast, a new way to interact with Josh throughout the home. VoiceCast enables Josh to use other speakers throughout the home to broadcast voice responses, instead of relying on the built-in speakers that come with the Josh Micro device. These speakers can include surround-sound speakers, hidden in-wall speakers, and simple one-off independent speakers. This new feature elevates voice control in the home to give an immersive AI experience.

To accomplish VoiceCast, Josh utilizes compatible Sonos devices — initially the Sonos Amp, Play:5 Gen2, and Sonos One. Josh will route the response through these devices, which can potentially then be connected to any speaker in the house. Integrators can now make Josh talk back to the user through the ceilings and walls of the home.

In order to activate VoiceCast, the system integrator makes a configuration change to the Micro settings in the Josh web portal, selecting the corresponding Sonos device designated for that room. Once enabled, users can ask Josh to “listen to ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele, dim the lights, and lower the shades to 50 percent,” and the response will resonate from their surround speakers or independent Sonos device, while simultaneously controlling their devices in that room.

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