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Leon Ships Ultra-Thin UX Series

Leon Speakers is now shipping the UX series.

Leon Speakers is now shipping the UX series. Designed to merge high-performance audio with contemporary design principles, the new series is Leon’s thinnest, best-sounding speakers yet, according to the company. 

Each speaker features exclusively designed components, capable of delivering the sound quality of their LX series predecessor within the ultra-thin design characteristics of Leon’s UT series. The new series includes three models across each of Leon’s front soundstage product lines and is up to 30-percent thinner than the previous LX models, starting at just 2 inches deep.

UX series speakers are designed to pair with the extremely shallow depth of the newest ultra-thin displays and deliver rich, articulate sound. Available with a full array of sonically matched in-wall and on-wall surround speakers, the UX lineup provides an immersive audio experience for living spaces and smaller dedicated home theaters. 

“Complementing today’s ultra-thin TVs, our new UX series achieves a level of design and performance that surpasses Leon’s previous speakers and sets the stage for what’s to come,” said Noah Kaplan, founder and president of Leon. “We worked with some of the best engineers and acousticians out there to create the UX line, designing new tweeters and woofers from the ground up to produce higher output and even more articulate sound—all in our slimmest cabinets ever. The end result is the thinnest, best-sounding speakers we’ve ever created…and we’re only just getting started.” 

The UX line includes three new models: the 33UX is the shallowest at just 2 inches deep and includes a 3-inch driver; the 44UX is just one-quarter inch deeper and utilizes a 4-inch woofer; and the 55UX is 2.75 inches deep and features a 5-inch woofer for higher performance and better bass extension. All of these speakers are custom built to match the exact dimensions (height or width) of any TV, giving customers the benefits of audiophile-grade sound quality from an ultra-thin speaker cabinet that blends with their display.

The parity across all of Leon’s build-to-order product lines also makes it easier to configure high-performance systems matched to the specifications of any room, allowing customers to get the design benefit of the panel’s ultra-thin profile without giving up the sound quality that is demanded.

Leon engineers spent nearly six months working with driver manufacturers to develop the components for these new models. Hand-made UX tweeters feature a soft dome and ferro-fluid cooling for smoother frequency response, quick transients, and high power handling. The woofers were specially engineered to yield maximum performance in speakers with minimal dimensions, with large voice coils for more efficient operation.