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Metra Introduces EDID Regenerator Solution

Metra Home Theater Group has developed the Junior+ (HDM-JRPLUS), touting it as an EDID problem solver.

Metra Home Theater Group has developed the Junior+ (HDM-JRPLUS), touting it as an EDID problem solver. This solution is designed to minimize system failures and increase compatibility between devices that have different data tolerances or between devices with multiple brands of HDMI-enabled electronics.

Following in the footsteps of Metra Home Theater Group’s original Digital Analysis Device (HDM-DAD) and the Low Speed Accelerator (HDM-JR) products, the Junior+ was created to reduce the effective capacitive loading “Rise Time” issues commonly found on the DDC channel (EDID) of the HDMI interface. This can be caused by cables, printed circuit boards, and environmental conditions. The Junior+ can reduce the cables capacitive issues loading by up to 50 percent. 

This correction solves many common issues such as audio dropouts, “HDCP Not Supported”, “Mode Not Supported”, “Mode Out Of Range”, long sync times, and the dreaded “black screen.”

The Junior+ has a smaller male/female form factor to allow for a simple installation directly into equipment, in most cases at the source side. Its compact, single unit design connects in-line with HDMI cables.

The “plus” part of the product name is a recent development that was designed to deal with voltage and current equipment incompatibilities within the new EDID substructure. While fully backwards compatible, the Junior+ was designed for the most modern components. It provides 18Gbps of throughput and covers all 4K /HDR Rev2.0 features.

The Junior+ data performance has been tested and given the seal of approval by DPL Labs, an independent testing facility. DPL’s laboratory provides Digital-HD (DHD) product performance testing. Labs engineers put all submitted products through an electronic stress test to assure customers that a product will meet or exceed expectations for performance quality and long-term reliability. Metra Home Theater Group says it is proud to offer this new product, along with many others, as DPL Labs Certified products.